The Gentlemen: All Shooting Locations of the Netflix Show

A spin-off of the eponymous 2020 film by the prolific filmmaker Guy Ritchie, Netflix’s ‘The Gentlemen’ is an action comedy series that stars Theo James in the role of Eddie Horniman, the Duke of Halstead who inherits a luxurious family estate after the recent demise of his father. Soon, the English aristocrat discovers that the inherited land is used as turf to run a drug empire by a syndicate owned by the infamous Mickey Pearson, who has no plans to vacate the property. With the proprietors of the weed-growing empire denying to take their business elsewhere, Eddie must decide his next course of action as he, unintentionally, becomes a part of the operation himself.

Besides Theo James, the cast consists of several other actors in supporting roles, including Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Joely Richardson, Vinnie Jones, and Michael Vu, whose collective talent steers this offbeat and witty gangster drama. The high-octane action and the dark side of Mickey’s drug empire are concealed behind the walls of the majestic property, which largely feature in the backdrop of many scenes through different episodes.

Where is The Gentlemen Filmed?

The entirety of filming of ‘The Gentlemen’ takes place in England in the United Kingdom. The production on the first iteration of the gangster action series commenced in November 2022 and carried on for several months before concluding in mid-2023, particularly in the month of June. While the creative vision of Guy Ritchie, coupled with the vibrant visual aesthetics and color palette produced by the artistic sensibility of Scottish Cinematographer Alan Stewart, ensured the film provides the audience with an elevated and immersive experience, the series successfully recreates the quintessence of the former. Now, let’s traverse through the exact areas that assist in the creation the vivid tapestry of the show.

London, England

London serves as the primary filming destination for ‘The Gentlemen.’ The production crew showcase Britain’s criminal underbelly by shooting at various locations in the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom. In a conversation with Numéro Netherlands, Kaya Scodelario, who essays the character of the stylish and formidable Susie Glass, spilled the beans on her experience while bringing the narrative of season 1 to life. Describing the process as “really great,” she said, “The show was really exciting to work on. I’ve wanted to do something set in the UK for a long time. I’ve been a big fan of Guy Ritchie’s early films and I really just loved the character.”

She added, “I thought it would be really exciting to play someone who teeters between being the good guy and the villain, and it was a really great shoot. It took six months to shoot here in England and we visited some incredible big country houses and had a really great time.” Kaya further said that her favorite part was collaborating with such an amazing cast and crew. Having served as a shooting site for the eponymous film and Guy’s other directorials, such as ‘Snatch’ ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,’ the decision of choosing to tape London is not at all surprising.

Surrey, England

A few scenes of ‘The Gentlemen’ are lensed at the historic Loseley Park, a 1,400 acres estate in the village of Artington, located in Guildford in the western part of Surrey in southeastern England. The Tudor manor house is used to depict the scenes set in the dining and bedroom areas of the Halstead Manor.

Gloucestershire, England

The production team also record a portion of the show at the charming Badminton House, that stands tall in the town of the same name in South Gloucestershire, England. The Grade I Listed property is home to the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort and doubles up as the exteriors of the Halstead Manor. Apart from that, the elegant hallway and staircase that we see in the show are also borrowed from the magnificent property.

While filming the chicken suit scene in season 1, Daniel Ings, who donned the costume, fell on the grass of the property, inviting a reprimanding from the Duke who had sent out clear instructions to stay off the grass. Elaborating on the same during a Q&A session following the show’s screening, Guy Ritchie said, “Actually he got told off by the duke whose house we shot it at. We were under strict instruction to stay off the grass. He left skid marks, I mean that skid cost us about 10 grand.”

Kent, England

A portion of the taping of ‘The Gentlemen’ is also conducted in in the county of Kent. To be specific, the cast and crew shoot at the Detling Diner at A249 road in the borough of Maidstone. They also utilize nearby areas such as the footbridge named Jade’s Crossing and the Ashford Cattle Market in the eponymous historic market and railway town.

Other Locations in England

Aside from the aforementioned locations, the production team also makes use of a handful of sites for painting the stunning canvas of the world of Eddie and the criminal syndicate. In particular, Stoke Court, a Grade II listed sprawling country manor in the quaint village of Stoke Poges in southeastern part of Buckinghamshire is a shooting location for the show. Moreover, a few sequences are also taped at Knebworth House, a Tudor Gothic style mansion nestled in Knebworth in the countryside of Hertfordshire. The 15th century property also doubled up as Lady Phoebe’s country house in season 4 of ‘You.’ Interestingly, Sherborne Castle or Sherborne New Castle in the southeastern edge of Sherborne in Dorset is also where the filming of the Netflix production transpires.

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