Where to Buy Making the Cut Clothes?

‘Making the Cut’ is a fashion-based reality series where designers and entrepreneurs compete to win $1 million to invest in their business and share their creations with the world by building a global brand. A big part of realizing their dreams is testing the market and getting a sense of how their work is received. Therefore, the show provides a unique experience as the viewers can also own one of the pieces created by the designers competing on the show. If you are wondering where you can shop for those clothes, here is everything you need to know!

How to Buy Making the Cut Clothes?

The reality series is exclusively made for Amazon, which is also a leading online retailer. Therefore, the winning pieces are made available on Amazon once the episodes release on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, the contestant who emerges as the winner gets the opportunity to receive mentorship from Amazon Fashion and put up their entire collection for sale. Amazon has tried to make the whole experience as smooth as possible for the fans. If you visit the ‘Making the Cut’ page on the website, you have the option of either watching the show or shopping for clothes designed by the contestants. The good news for the fans of the show is that they can buy the clothes for less than $100. You can also buy the clothes while watching the episode since there is an option on the sidebar that will direct you to the Making the Cut Store.

Nevertheless, you might want to watch the episode before buying the items. Firstly, because the shopping experience might give away spoilers. Secondly, because there is increased appreciation for something that you have seen being made from scratch. The clothes that feature in the series have proven to be immensely popular among the fans and sell out in the blink of an eye, mainly because they are only available in limited quantities.

It seems that Amazon has not addressed whether or not the clothes would be manufactured in a higher quantity in the future to meet the demand. According to sources, Amazon is happy with the response the designers have received and revealed that the contestants received profits from the sales made on the online store. Apparently, the same number of items were produced for each of the winning looks of season 1 and were available in sizes from XX-small to XX-large.

In an interview, Heidi Klum explained that the designer-contestants are tasked with creating two kinds of clothes- one avant-garde and over the top and the other more practical and sellable. On the whole, the show focuses on design as the clothes need to be wearable but not bland. It was reported that the production of the clothes had not been affected by the pandemic, but the deliveries might see some delays as priority is given to the deliveries of essential goods. So, all you need to do is be quick to decide and place your order on Amazon to own the clothes you have seen on the show.

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