Where To Stream 2 Hearts?

Lance Hool’s film based on a powerfully moving true story, ‘2 Hearts’ is a highly predictable melodrama that holds it together, but just barely. ‘2 Hearts’ follows the story of two couples very much in love, separated by decades in time, their lives colliding in a heartwrenching medical trauma. The movie’s whole point is to spread the message that everything that happens, no matter how bad, is all part of God’s plan. ‘2 Hearts’ is a faith-based tearjerker that doesn’t have much else to recommend it, but if you’re in need of a good cry, it will get you there. Curious to know what the film is about and where you can stream it? Let’s find out.

What is 2 Hearts About?

The story of ‘2 Hearts’ is an emotional one, firmly rooted in faith. There are two couples whose story runs parallel even though they are set decades apart. In the present, we have Chris and Sam, college students who meet and fall deeply in love. And then we have Cuban rum mogul Jorge who falls hard for Pan Am stewardess (in a time when the word “stewardess” was not an offensive term) named Grace. Chris and Sam go about on cute dates, holding hands, and laughing together with all the banality of a cliche YA romance, while Jorge woos Grace with his jet-setting lifestyle, whisking her off to a Hawaiian vacation spontaneously. Jorge has a terminal lung disease. Chris has a brain aneurysm. By now, viewers can put two and two together and deduce that this is a movie about organ transplant. It’s watchable but keep a box of tissues handy.

Is 2 Hearts on Netflix?

‘2 Hearts’ is not available to stream on Netflix. But viewers looking for a similar film – something emotional and based on a true story – can try watching ‘The Theory of Everything‘.

Is 2 Hearts on Hulu?

‘2 Hearts’ is not on Hulu but a lot of other emotionally moving films are on the platform, including Tom Hank’s 1993 classic ‘Philadelphia‘. Why not try watching it instead?

Is 2 Hearts on Amazon Prime?

‘2 Hearts’ is not part of the streaming roster on Amazon Prime. Interested audiences can try watching a similar title – ‘Return To Me‘, an unusual romance between a lonely man and the waitress who got the man’s deceased wife’s heart in a transplant.

Where To Watch 2 Hearts Online?

Sorry readers, this movie is not being released digitally on any streaming or VOD platforms. The only way to watch ‘2 Hearts’ is to go to an actual movie theatre. Check out tickets here.

How To Stream 2 Hearts For Free?

‘2 Hearts’ cannot be streamed for free, as of right now, since it’s only releasing in theatres. So if you want to watch this film, your nearest movie theatre is the place to go.

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