Where To Stream 76 Days?

’76 Days’ is a hair-raising and emotionally moving documentary film that shows the frantic first response to the Coronavirus outbreak in China’s Wuhan. With footage shot in four different hospitals in Wuhan during the 76-day long lockdown imposed by the Chinese government, the film ’76 Days’ makes for a riveting watch. The subject of the film, the COVID-19 pandemic, is a topic that’s relatable to audiences worldwide. Regardless of whether or not you were personally affected by the unprecedented illness, the fear of the virus and the global health and economic crisis that the pandemic brought on feels somehow intimate. This movie is a must-watch for people who believe that Coronavirus is a “hoax” or a means of biological warfare by China. The sheer amount of raw suffering and resilience that’s depicted in ’76 Days’ should provide a whole new perspective. Curious to know where you can stream the film? Here’s all the information you need.

What is 76 Days About?

’76 Days’ is a gripping and compassionate documentation of the 76 days of the first lockdown in China’s Wuhan district, as the hero medical professionals work tirelessly and relentlessly to save as many lives as they can in the first response to the COVID outbreak. The documentary is put together by New York-based filmmaker Hao Wu, using footage sent by Weixi Chen and an anonymous reporter. In the film, we see several nameless patients and their families struggling in the harrowed, overflowing hospitals as doctors and nurses try their best to tackle the unprecedented situation.

Is 76 Days on Netflix?

’76 Days’ is not currently streaming on Netflix but people looking to watch something similar can check out ‘Fire in the Blood‘, a documentary film about the AIDS crisis in Africa, or the limited series about the fight against Influenza, ‘Pandemic: How To Prevent an Outbreak‘.

Is 76 Days on Hulu?

’76 Days’ is not available to stream on Hulu, but interested audiences can alternatively watch ‘Totally Under Control‘ instead. It is a documentary about the Trump administration’s lackluster response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Is 76 Days on Amazon Prime?

’76 Days’ is not presently available on Amazon Prime, however, if you’re looking to watch something similar, the documentaries ‘Virus Empire: From SARS to Ebola‘ and ‘Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague‘ would make for great alternatives.

Where To Watch 76 Days Online?

To watch ’76 Days’ online, you can go to the movie’s official website and select the virtual theatre you want to support, and pay to order the movie. Each listed theatre will be digitally screening it across the US and Canada. After you order the film, you can watch it on your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile device, AppleTV, or Roku app.

How To Stream 76 Days For Free?

’76 Days’ is not available for free streaming anywhere. We always recommend that our readers pay for the art that they’re consuming.

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