Where to Stream Another Round?

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, ‘Another Round’ is an oscar-nominated comedy-drama film that revolves around four men facing critical existential questions that eventually make them try an obscure philosophy on alcoholism that changes their life. Curious to know more about the film’s plot or where it can be streamed? You have come to the right place. Here’s all you need to know.

What is Another Round About?

Going through a mid-life crisis, four teachers find themselves looking for a way to turn their lives around. In their search for meaning and more adventure in life, they come across an obscure theory which argues that sustaining a specific level of alcohol intoxication can help people become more creative and happy. With failing marriages and unsatisfying careers staring at them, they decide to try the alcohol experiment. Surprisingly, they find out that there is some truth to the esoteric philosophy as they find a new-zest, and most of their problems appear to fade away. Unfortunately, this encourages them to test the limits of the theory as they begin to depend on alcohol increasingly.

The initial success of the theory slowly fades away as issues that have been subdued for a long time begin to bother them again. As adverse psychological effects of intoxication begin to show their impact, the four friends are faced with the choice to either address their deep-rooted issues or risk walking the same path. In case you wish to know where the movie can be streamed, then allow us to help you learn all you need to know.

Is Another Round on Netflix?

‘Another Round’ is not available on Netflix. However, we recommend our readers alternatively watch ‘Pieces of a Woman,’ ‘Two Distant Strangers,’ and ‘Hillbilly Elegy.’

Is Another Round on Hulu?

The comedy-drama movie is available on Hulu. People with subscriptions can stream ‘Another Round’ here.

Is Another Round on Amazon Prime?

‘Another Round’ is available on Amazon Prime but as video-on-demand. You can rent it for $4.99 or purchase it for $9.99 here. Amazon Prime subscribers can alternatively stream the comedy-drama movie ‘Larry Crowne,’ which follows the eponymous protagonist who faces an identity crisis after losing his job. Surprisingly, his troubles soon turn into new possibilities, and he finally stumbles upon his purpose in life.

Where to Watch Another Round Online?

The comedy-drama film can be streamed on platforms such as Vudu, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Spectrum, FandangoNow, Redbox, Google Play Store, and YouTube.

How to Stream Another Round for Free?

Hulu offers a 30-day free trial for first-time subscribers. You can stream the series for free on the platform, provided you do so in the trial period. However, we encourage our readers to stream content online only after paying for it.

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