Where To Stream Burn It All?

‘Burn It All’ is a thriller movie directed and written by Brady Hall, who is also the director of ‘7 Witches.’ The premise of the film comprises strong themes like body organ harvesting, deception, and revenge. The ensemble is led by Elizabeth Cotter playing the role of Alex, while other notable cast members include Emily Gateley as Jenny, Ryan Postell as Travis, Elena Flory-Barnes as Donna, Greg Michaels as Bishop, and John Branch as King. Gateley has already been praised for delivering efficient performances in her parts during the action sequences. If you are curious to know where you can watch the film, we have the answers for you.

What is Burn It All About?

Alex has always had men dominating every step of her life. She feels broken and is on a suicidal spiral when she receives the news of her mother’s demise. She returns to her hometown, where she had promised never to return. However, Alex gets more entangled in the place as she comes across a sickening underground operation taking place in the town, that of illegal body organ harvesting. Alex’s mother’s body is next in line for processing, and Alex only has a day to prevent her mother’s body from going through the same heinous fate as so many others. However, the path is not easy, and almost the entire town seems to be involved in the crime.

Is Burn It All on Netflix?

No ‘Burn It All’ is not on Netflix. However, the platform offers a plethora of movies and TV Shows with strong female leads in them. If you are interested, you can watch ‘Pieces of a Woman,’ a heart-wrenching film about a lady who goes through devastating home birth. If you are interested in watching TV shows, you can watch ‘Warrior Nun’ or ‘Jessica Jones’, both of which have strong female leads with superpowers.

Is Burn It All on Hulu?

‘Burn It All’ is currently not available to stream on Hulu. There are a few other movies and TV shows with female leads you can opt for. For example, ‘The Nightingale,’ a movie about a young woman’s quest for revenge, or ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire,’ which revolves around a female painter tasked with creating the wedding portrait of another lady.

Is Burn It All on Amazon Prime?

As of now, ‘Burn It All’ is not on Amazon Prime. The platform has many other similar-toned, female-led thrillers available to stream. Some of them are ‘A Vigilante‘ (after escaping her abusive husband, a woman turns avenger for other victims stuck in violent relationships) and ‘I See You‘ (a detective’s family is threatened as she works a disturbing case).

Where To Watch Burn It All Online?

Besides its theatrical release, ‘Burn It All’ is available on Vudu, iTunes, and FandangoNOW. You can buy or rent the movie on any of these VOD platforms.

How To Stream Burn It All For Free?

Currently, there are no options that allow free streaming of ‘Burn It All.’

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