Where To Stream I Am Greta?

Directed by Swedish filmmaker Nathan Grossman, ‘I Am Greta’ is a slick yet mostly shallow documentary chronicling Greta Thunberg’s rise to prominence as an environmental activist and her actions to support her cause (which should be increasingly alarming, given how fast the environment is deteriorating year by year). The teenage climate activist shines throughout, becoming a rallying point for those that care about the planet we live on and people who are “woke” enough to start timely action. But the documentary loses itself and its pace towards the latter half, which could potentially lead to a distracted audience. And when the issue is as urgent as the environmental crisis that affects the entire world, a distracted audience is disastrous. Wondering where you can stream ‘I Am Greta’? Here is all you need to know.

What is I Am Greta About?

‘I Am Greta’ chronicles Greta Thunberg’s fight for the environment and her extremely urgent plea for the world leaders and governments to wake up and take action to save the drastically depleting environment of our planet. The film covers her journey from her initial lone strike outside the Swedish parliament (for which the 15-year-old had skipped school, by the way) to her expressive speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in 2019. How she got to New York for the event by way of the sea (because Greta refuses to fly) is also a part of the exhaustive documentary. Her laudable tendency to lecture adults about the need to save the environment and her directive to those in power to either lead or to get out of the way is forceful and impactful, regardless of her age and stature in life.

Is I Am Greta on Netflix?

‘I Am Greta’ is not available to watch on Netflix but interested viewers looking for something similar should watch the impactful documentary ‘David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet‘. ‘A Plastic Ocean‘ is also a good eye-opener of a documentary.

Is I Am Greta on Hulu?

Yes, ‘I Am Greta’ is streaming on Hulu since it is a Hulu Original documentary.

Is I Am Greta on Amazon Prime?

‘I Am Greta’ is available to watch on Amazon Prime UK (for the UK audiences) starting November 16, 2020. It can be purchased or rented as video-on-demand as it’s not part of the free streaming content catalog that comes with the Amazon Prime UK subscription. The film is not yet available on Amazon Prime US, so American audiences can instead try watching ‘Being The Change: A New Kind of Climate Documentary‘, ‘Vanishing of The Bees‘, and ‘The End of Meat‘.

Where To Watch I Am Greta Online?

Apart from Hulu, ‘I Am Greta’ is also available on-demand on iTunes, starting November 16, 2020.

How To Stream I Am Greta For Free?

Hulu offers a first-month free trial to first-time subscribers, so you can simply sign up on Hulu to watch ‘I Am Greta’ for free during the trial period. This film is not available on any other free streaming service.

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