Where To Stream Ip Man: Kung Fu Master?

The Chinese martial arts film ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ is loosely based on the life of Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man (also known as Yip Man). There is a dearth of movies that Master Yip Man has inspired over the years. The real Yip Man was the one who trained the martial arts legend, Bruce Lee. This particular film is directed by Liming Li and stars Dennis To as Yip Man. Although the movies that are based on him have overly dramatic storylines and are exaggerated for entertainment purposes, the real Yip Man still had a pretty interesting life. Curious to know more about the story of ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ and where you can stream it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Ip Man: Kung Fu Master About?

The movie ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ revolves around Yip Man, who is framed for the murder of a mobster, a man who was cold and ruthless but also honorable. Now the mobster’s daughter is hell-bent on seeking deadly revenge and has her eye on Yip Man. As Yip Man is forced to resign from his police captain job, a bigger problem surfaces as the Japanese Army invades Guangzhou, China.

Is Ip Man: Kung Fu Master on Netflix?

Netflix does have a different Ip Man series, but ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ is not available. Donnie Yen stars as Yip Man in the other series of critically acclaimed martial arts films – ‘Ip Man‘, ‘Ip Man 2‘, ‘Ip Man 3‘, and ‘Ip Man 4‘. You can watch these as an alternative.

Is Ip Man: Kung Fu Master on Hulu?

‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ is not available to stream on Hulu but fans of the genre might want to check out ‘Birth of the Dragon‘, ‘The Forbidden Kingdom‘, and/or ‘Drunken Master‘ instead.

Is Ip Man: Kung Fu Master on Amazon Prime?

Yes, ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ is available on-demand on Amazon Prime. You can buy or rent the movie in order to see it.

Where To Watch Ip Man: Kung Fu Master Online?

Apart from Amazon Prime, ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ can also be rented or purchased on FandangoNOW and Google Play.

How To Stream Ip Man: Kung Fu Master For Free?

‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’ is currently not available for free streaming anywhere. We always recommend that our readers pay for the content they consume.

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