Where To Stream John and the Hole?

Pascual Sisto’s debut directorial feature, ‘John and the Hole,’ tells the story of a troubled young boy, John, who traps his family inside a hole. The psychological thriller is based on ‘El Pozo,’ a short story written by Nicolás Giacobone and stars Charlie Shotwell, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Ehle, and Taissa Farmiga in the lead roles.

The film is a contemporary fable that explores the psyche of a boy who craves adulthood and feels mistreated by his family. It was selected for the 73rd Cannes Film Festival and is one of the most talked-about indie movies of 2021. If you are already aboard the ‘John and the Hole’ hype train, you must be looking for ways to watch the movie online. In that case, allow us to help you by sharing the streaming details of the movie.

What is John and the Hole About?

‘John and the Hole’ is about John, a young boy who lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood with his family comprising his father, mother, and elder sister. John shares an uneasy relationship with his father and has an overbearing mother. As a result, John wishes to free himself from his family’s influence and formulates a sinister plan after discovering a hole in his backyard. John drugs his family and carries them to the pit. He leaves them to survive on their own and ventures to explore his newfound freedom. The townsfolk begin to raise questions over his missing family, and John keeps lying about their whereabouts. Whether or not the truth comes out forms the rest of the plot.

Is John and the Hole on Netflix?

‘John and the Hole’ isn’t a part of Netflix’s diverse library of entertainment content that is arguably the best among various streaming services on offer. You can instead check out ‘The Woman in the Window‘ about an agoraphobic psychologist’s obsession to solve a brutal murder next door.

Is John and the Hole On Amazon Prime?

‘John and the Hole’ is not a part of the titles accessible through your basic Amazon Prime subscription. Still, you can stream it on-demand on the platform. To rent the movie on-demand, head here. As an alternative, you can also check out ‘Vivarium‘ about a couple’s search for a perfect house which leads them to a labyrinth of identical houses.

Is John and the Hole On Hulu?

‘John and the Hole’ isn’t included in Hulu’s impressive entertainment catalog. If you wish to watch something similar, you can check out ‘Dismissed,’ which is about a disturbed and vengeful honor student’s quest for a perfect GPA.

Where to Watch John and the Hole Online?

‘John and the Hole’ can be rented on popular VOD platforms such as Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Spectrum, DirecTV, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Xfinity, and Apple TV. You can also watch the movie at a theatre near you. To check show timings and book tickets, head here.

How to Stream John and the Hole For Free?

At present, ‘John and the Hole’ is only playing in theatres and streaming online on-demand. Therefore, there is no way to watch the movie for free at the moment. We also strongly advise our readers not to indulge in illegal methods and consume all entertainment content legally and by paying for it.

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