Where to Stream Minari?

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, ‘Minari’ is a beautiful drama film that captures the struggles and aspirations of a typical immigrant family in America. With the hope to achieve more, the protagonist, Jacob Yi, decides to leave the comforts of the city life behind and relocates to rural Arkansas. Set in the 1980s, the moving story of dreams, failures, and hope can make anyone curious about its plot or where it can be streamed. In case you are also looking to learn more about the film, you have come to the right place. Allow us to help you learn all you need to know.

What is Minari About?

With the hope of achieving the American dream, Jacob Yi shifts base to rural Arkansas along with his wife, Monica, and their children, David and Anne. Despite the skepticism, the Korean American family begins their new journey with an aim to not be limited by their present realities and establish a profitable farm. Even though the decision involves significant financial risk, Jacob is determined. To take care of his children, he invites Monica’s mother, Soon-ja, from South Korea, who is more than happy to help the optimistic couple. However, when they begin to work on their new plot of land, numerous hurdles emerge, which test their resilience. It doesn’t take long for the couple to fall apart under the strain of assimilation into a new society.

Is Minari on Netflix?

‘Minari’ is not part of Netflix’s otherwise impressive catalog of movies. But subscribers can alternatively stream ‘Tigertail,’ which centers upon a Taiwanese-American who reflects on his life after reconnecting with his daughter.

Is Minari on Hulu?

‘Minari’ is not available on Hulu. However, we suggest our readers watch ‘Culture Shock,’ which revolves around a young Mexican woman who illegally moves to America to achieve the American dream only to have her hopes shattered.

Is Minari on Amazon Prime?

‘Minari’ is available on Amazon Prime but as video-on-demand. You can rent it for $19.99 here. Prime subscribers can alternatively watch ‘In The Land Of Lost Angels,’ which follows two Mongolian immigrants who, in desperation for money, end up in the world of crime.

Where to Watch Minari Online?

You can stream ‘Minari’ on several VOD platforms like – Vudu, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Redbox, FandangoNow, and YouTube. It is also available on Spectrum, Xfinity, DirecTV, and AppleTV.

How to Stream Minari for Free?

Since ‘Minari’ can only be rented or purchased as of now, it is not possible to stream the movie for free. We do encourage our readers to consume the content only after paying for it.

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