Where To Stream The Complex: Lockdown?

Paul Raschid’s ‘The Complex: Lockdown’ is based on the interactive video game called The Complex. The movie’s premise revolves around a medical scientist and her ex-boyfriend, who is also her colleague, trapped inside a laboratory with a bio-weapons terrorist, with the decision to save her life or to let the terrorist die hanging tensely between them as they run out of time and air. The film, starring Michelle Mylett and Al Weaver in the lead roles, has met with mixed reviews from the critics, and probably the fans of the video game would be more favorable to the movie. The whole biological warfare trope and scientists scrambling to contain the damage is tried, tested, and nothing fresh.

However, the actors have acted well enough and the plot moves fast and smoothly, weaving a scenario that the viewers can believe. Aside from one major reveal towards the end, the script offers nothing much exciting, but it’s not completely dismissable either. Want to know more about what ‘The Complex: Lockdown’ is about and where you can stream it? We’ve got you covered.

What is The Complex: Lockdown About?

Dr. Amy Tennant is a former warzone medic who is seeking investment for her nanotech research in London. A bio-weapons attack on the London tube sends Amy to The Complex, a state of the art medical facility that’s run by Kate Dickie’s Nathalie Kensington. At The Complex, Amy reunites with old flame Rees Wakefield (Al Weaver) and they have to work together to save the life of the terrorist Clare and extract stolen nanites from her. The three – Amy, Reese, and Clare – are installed in a secret underground lab while they work. The underground lab is an impregnable space but the events that unfold soon have Amy and Reese fighting a team of assassins trying to get inside. To make matters worse, the trio is rapidly running out of breathable air as oxygen levels deplete in the lab.

Is The Complex: Lockdown on Netflix?

While ‘The Complex: Lockdown’ is not on Netflix, interested viewers can alternatively watch ‘How It Ends‘.

Is The Complex: Lockdown on Hulu?

‘The Complex: Lockdown’ is not part of Hulu’s streaming catalog but a good alternate watch for fans of the genre would be ‘Children of Men‘.

Is The Complex: Lockdown on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, ‘The Complex: Lockdown’ is not available on Amazon Prime as well. Viewers looking for something similar can try the 1971 film ‘The Andromeda Strain‘.

Where To Watch The Complex: Lockdown Online?

Viewers can watch the film by buying or renting it as video-on-demand on iTunes or FandangoNow.

How To Stream The Complex: Lockdown For Free?

Sorry folks, ‘The Complex: Lockdown’ is not currently streaming on any of the platforms so the only way to watch it online is to either purchase it or rent it from iTunes or FandangoNow.

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