Where To Stream The Flight Attendant?

Kaley Cuoco starrer miniseries ‘The Flight Attendant’ follows the darkly comedic story of a boozy flight attendant who wakes up next to a dead body in a hotel room and draws a complete blank on the previous night’s events. The limited series, which is slated to have a total of 8 episodes, has opened to really favorable reviews from the critics. The show ‘The Flight Attendant’ is a murder mystery that’s funny, dark, and utterly engaging, with Cuoco’s performance nothing short of captivating. Curious to know more about the show and where you can stream it? Here is everything that you should know.

What is The Flight Attendant About?

Kaley Cuoco is the titular flight attendant Cassie Bowden, a party girl who likes to live it up and goes a little heavy on the drinking. She is the kind of girl who gets drunk on the regular, creates drama, and makes public scenes everywhere she goes. While working a flight to Bangkok, Cassie meets the handsome and suave Alex Sokolov and ends up going to dinner with him. She wakes up the next morning in his hotel room with a hangover and a very dead Alex lying next to her on the bed. Cassie is fairly certain that she did not murder him, but matters are made worse by the fact that she cannot remember anything from the night before. Cassie freaks out and cleans any evidence of her ever being there before heading back to New York City, where she talks to her lawyer friend for legal advice, as she dodges the FBI that’s hot on her trail.

Is The Flight Attendant on Netflix?

‘The Flight Attendant’ is not available to stream on Netflix but if you’re someone who enjoys dark comedies that feature murder, you can try watching ‘The End of The F***ing World‘ as an alternative. It’s about a teenage psycho killer who picks his first-ever human victim to kill, only to fall in love with her as they run away and go on a road trip together.

Is The Flight Attendant on Hulu?

‘The Flight Attendant’ is currently not streaming on Hulu, but it may become available in the near future to subscribers who have HBO Max added to their Hulu pack. Until you can watch ‘The Flight Attendant’ on Hulu (with HBO Max), you can check out the darkly comedic show ‘Killing Eve‘ as an alternative.

Is The Flight Attendant on Amazon Prime?

‘The Flight Attendant’ may become available in the near future to Amazon Prime members who have HBO Max added to their accounts. Till that happens, why not try watching other dark comedies like ‘Fleabag‘ instead.

Where To Watch The Flight Attendant Online?

‘The Flight Attendant’ is, as of now, only available to stream on HBO Max.

How To Stream The Flight Attendant For Free?

We advise all our readers to pay for the content they consume, but if you still wish to watch for free, HBO Max offers a 7-day free trial to first-time subscribers.

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