Where to Stream The Last Cruise?

‘The Last Cruise’ is a 2021 documentary that chronicles the unforgettable experiences of the Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers after the ship became the first significant hotspot of the coronavirus outbreak outside of China. The harrowing account of life with an unknown virus isolated from loved ones is definitely going to make people curious. Directed by Hannah Olson, the fascinating documentary includes interviews of people on the ship along with footage taken by them to give a thorough insider’s perspective to the audience. Curious to know more about the documentary and where you can stream it? You have come to the right place.

What is The Last Cruise About?

When the Diamond Princess cruise ship set sail from Yokohama, Japan, the passengers celebrated. They thought the trip would offer them some respite from their day-to-day life, but nobody expected what followed afterward. Just a month later, in February 2020, the cruise ship accounted for half of the coronavirus cases on the planet, and the lives of hundreds of its passengers remained in limbo. With rapidly increasing COVID cases onboard, the ship attracted the attention of media from around the world. ‘The Last Cruise’ is an exciting documentary that you may want to watch. Here’s where you can stream it online.

Is The Last Cruise on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘The Last Cruise’ is not part of Netflix’s otherwise impressive offerings. However, we recommend watching ‘Coronavirus, Explained,’ a documentary that explains how the disease became a global phenomenon and the ways we can cope with it. ‘Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak’ is another excellent documentary that educates viewers on the efforts that it will take to stop the next global pandemic.

Is The Last Cruise on Hulu?

‘The Last Cruise’ is available on Hulu, but only for viewers who have HBO Max added to their Hulu subscriptions. If you have an HBO Max subscription added to your Hulu account, you can watch the documentary by clicking here.

Is The Last Cruise on Amazon Prime?

‘The Last Cruise’ can be streamed on Amazon Prime if you have HBO Max added to your Prime subscription. You can also alternatively watch ‘Decoding COVID-19,’ which documents the early efforts of scientists around the globe to develop a vaccine and save lives. ‘BBC – Return of the Black Death’ is another excellent documentary that introduces viewers to the Black Death (bubonic plague pandemic) that killed 50 million people to get a historical perspective of pandemics and how dangerous they can be.

Where to Watch The Last Cruise Online?

‘The Last Cruise’ is an HBO documentary and is therefore available on the HBO Max streaming service.

How to Stream The Last Cruise for Free?

HBO Max does not offer a free trial, so it is presently not possible to stream ‘The Last Cruise’ for free.

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