Where to Stream Younger Season 7?

Based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran, ‘Younger’ follows Liza Miller, a divorced middle-aged woman who desperately wants to establish herself in the publishing industry. Unfortunately, the ageist industry is a hostile place for women like her, so she comes up with a plan to trick others and enter the industry pretending to be twenty-something years old. Created by Darren Star, the comedy-drama series may instill a desire in you to learn more about it. Curious to know about the plot of its latest season and where it can be streamed? You have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Younger Season 7 About?

In the season 6 finale, Kelsey finally finds the courage to leave Millennial and start something on her own in the publishing industry. However, she does not stick with her rebellious decision for long as Charles later succeeds in convincing her to return to Millennial by offering a lucrative deal. Diana finally marries her fiance Enzo while Charles proposes to Liza.

Unfortunately for him, Liza appears unsure, and the finale ends with fans still awaiting a final answer. If the trailer is any clue, in season 7, Liza is still undecided, and Charles may have to wait a bit longer. It remains unclear how Charles is going to convince her, but Liza’s uncertainty is probably because of her inability to get over Josh. The upcoming season of the comedy-drama series is likely to explore the love triangle of Charles-Liza-Josh. Fans will finally get to know who Liza is eventually going to pick. It will be exciting to see how the story unfolds from here as the series returns for one final time.

Is Younger Season 7 on Netflix?

‘Younger’ season is not available on Netflix, but we suggest subscribers watch the comedy-drama show ‘GLOW‘ instead. It’s a show about washed-up Hollywood misfits in the 1980s who enter the world of women’s wrestling in their search for fame.

Is Younger Season 7 on Hulu?

‘Younger’ season 7, along with the previous seasons, is available on Hulu. Subscribers can watch the show here.

Is Younger Season 7 on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers can watch the first six seasons of the comedy-drama series on the platform as it is accessible as video-on-demand and with Paramount+. However, it is unclear when season 7 will start streaming as VOD, so fans can check its availability and rewatch previous seasons here. Alternatively, lovers of the comedy-drama genre can watch ‘Flack.’

Where to Watch Younger Season 7 Online?

Fans can stream ‘Younger’ season 7 on Paramount+. The previous seasons are also available on the following live TV platforms – SlingTV, FuboTV, and Spectrum. You can also rewatch earlier seasons on VOD platforms like Vudu, iTunes, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store as well.

How to Stream Younger Season 7 for Free?

Paramount+ comes with a one-month free trial so, viewers can stream the series on the platform free of cost. However, this offer is only limited to first-time subscribers, and we encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume.

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