Is Paw Patrol Movie on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime? Where to Watch Movie Online?

Directed by Cal Brunker, ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is a computer-animated adventure comedy film that is based on the popular television series of the same name. It revolves around Ryder and his PAW Patrol team as they embark on a quest to save the nearby Adventure City, which is recklessly being destroyed by their arch-enemy. Produced by Spin Master, the talented voice cast of the animated film includes Kingsley Marshall, Keegan Hedley, Shayle Simons, Lilly Bartlam, Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ron Pardo. In case you are curious to learn more about it, you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Paw Patrol: The Movie About?

Ryder and his PAW Patrol team are busy in their daily affairs in Adventure Bay when they learn that Mayor Humdinger, their arch-rival, has now taken over Adventure City and is now its mayor. Without wasting any time, the evil man remorselessly starts wreaking havoc all over the city and which forces the heroes of Adventure Bay to take cognizance of the situation as its spirals out of control. With the help of the savvy dachshund Liberty, a new member of the eccentric team, Ryder and his friends embark on a mission to stop Humdinger before it’s too late.

Once they reach Adventure City, the stage is set for an epic confrontation between the arch-rivals while one of the pups is forced to face his past. With a lot of determination and new gadgets, the PAW Patrol team starts the epic battle to save the city from the grips of Mayor Humdinger. But will they manage to pull it off like they usually do? In order to find out, you will have to watch ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ and here’s how you can do that.

Is Paw Patrol: The Movie on Netflix?

‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is not part of the streaming giant’s current offerings. Therefore, Netflix subscribers will have to check other platforms, or they can instead watch other movies like ‘Over the Moon‘ or ‘Vivo.’

Is Paw Patrol: The Movie on Hulu?

Hulu has a massive catalog of movies for its subscribers, but unfortunately, ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is currently not available on the platform. Therefore, one may have to look for other alternatives. But we recommend our readers watch ‘Sonic the Hedgehog‘ or ‘The Polar Express.’

Is Paw Patrol: The Movie on Amazon Prime?

No, ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is not part of Amazon Prime’s catalog and is also unlikely to be available for rent/purchase even in the future. However, Prime subscribers alternatively stream ‘Harlock: Space Pirate‘ or ‘Open Season.’

Is Paw Patrol: The Movie on Disney+?

‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is not available on Disney+. Subscribers of the platform can watch another dog-centric movie called Togo.

Where to Watch Paw Patrol: The Movie Online?

People who like watching movies in cinema halls are in luck, ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is releasing in select theaters around the United States. You can head here to book your tickets. However, fans who don’t wish to venture outside and prefer watching movies snuggled up on their sofas or beds can stream the animated family-adventure film on Paramount+. The movie is not accessible on any other platform since it is exclusively available on the aforementioned streaming service.

How to Stream Paw Patrol: The Movie for Free?

‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ is releasing theatrically and on Paramount+ only as of now. Since the latter comes with a 7-day free trial for first-time subscribers, you can watch the movie for free, provided you do so in the trial period. However, we encourage our readers always to watch their favorite movies and shows online only after paying for them.

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