2067 (2020): Where Was the Movie Filmed?

Directed by Seth Larney, the VFX wizard who has worked on films like ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’, ‘2067’ tells the story of a young power-plant worker who becomes the sole hope of a dying world. Ethan Whyte (Kodi Smit-McPhee) lost his parents very early in his life. His father seemingly committed suicide, whereas his mother was gunned down in the streets. He was then brought up by Jude (Ryan Kwanten), a man whom Ethan sees as his older brother. The story is set in a not-so-distant future. Humanity is on its last legs. The trees and animals are all gone. Natural oxygen doesn’t exist any longer, and people are forced to buy its synthetic replacement for exorbitant prices, which, understandably, the poor can’t afford. Ethan’s wife, Xanthe (Sana’a Shaik), suffers from a condition known simply as ‘The Sickness’, which renders its victims’ bodies eventually incapable of processing the artificial oxygen.

One day, the company he works for tells him that he is the only person in the world who can save the entire humanity. It is revealed that his father had built a time machine before his death. It gives them access to a precise time 407 years into the future. Initially, they sent out radio waves. When they returned, they carried an encoded message indicating that there was someone on the other side. The message is simple: asking Ethan to be sent to the future.

After much consideration, Ethan agrees to travel to the future, he and others presuming that if humanity still exists four centuries later, it must mean that they have found solutions to all the problems that plague the modern world. The film has a massive scope that transcends time. And despite being a low-budget affair, it’s filled with stunning visuals that make some 100-million-dollar Hollywood blockbusters look bad. If you are curious about the real-life locations that Larney used, along with special effects, to create such a believable setting, this is the article for you.

2067 Filming Locations

Larney is one of the best VFX artists active in the industry today. So, understandably, his science-fiction directorial venture ‘2067’ was always going to have a considerable amount of special effects in it. He and cinematographer Earle Dresner predominantly shot the real scenes in the movie in Adelaide, other parts of South Australia, and regional New South Wales.

Adelaide, South Australia

A significant portion of the film was shot in Adelaide Studios, located at 1 Mulberry Rd, Glenside. In the past, ‘Mortal Combat’, ‘Escape from Pretoria’, and ‘Stateless’ have been filmed there. Some scenes were reportedly filmed in other parts of South Australia.

Regional New South Wales

The cast and crew traveled to regional New South Wales to shoot several scenes. Screen NSW (New South Wales) was one of the organizations that provided funding for ‘2067.’ The public agency promotes films and other types of artwork originating within the state.

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