After Life Filming Locations

‘After Life’ follows the story of Tony Johnson, who finds a unique way to exact his vengeance on the world. After his wife, Lisa, dies of breast cancer, he decides to be unforgivingly truthful. He doesn’t care whose feelings he hurts in the process. If things get too bad, he will kill himself, and that’ll be the end of it. That’s how the show starts, but Tony’s mindset changes a lot over time. Despite his depression, Tony finds the courage to get out and go around the town where he meets lovely people who change his mindset over time. The show brings these scenes to life with beautiful locations that define Tambury. Here are all the places where ‘After Life’ was filmed.

Where was After Life Filmed?

The story of ‘After Life’ is set in a quiet town called Tambury. It is, however, a fictional place, and to film the scenes for the show, the crew took to several locations in and around Hampstead. A lot of indoor scenes were filmed at Pinewood Studios. Several scenes were also shot in the locales of Beaconsfield, Hemel Hempstead, and East Sussex.

Hampstead, England

Tony spends a lot of time in the house with his dog, watching the videos of his late-wife and wondering whether or not to kill himself. His alone time is soon trespassed upon by Pat and Roxy. These scenes were filmed in Vale of Heath, a hamlet in Hampstead.

Tony’s next stop is The Tambury Gazette. The building is located at 48 High Street, Hemel Hempstead. His schedule also includes daily visits to his father in the nursing home. The Autumnal Leaves Care Home is actually the Old Town Registration Office in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

Tony often takes his friends to have coffee with him in a nearby coffee shop. The filming of these scenes took place in Hive Coffee Shop and Night Café in Hemel Hempstead. A little divergence in his routine comes when Matt gets him a date with Rebecca, a widow who is just as discourteous as him. The scenes were filmed in Villa Bianca, an Italian restaurant in Hampstead.

Tony decides to mistreat everyone, but his innate goodness leads him to befriend new people. Roxy and Julian become his unlikely companions on this journey. Tony discovers that Julian lives in a garage, and this is also the area where Roxy finds her clientele. All the scenes of this location were filmed at Flask Walk in Hampstead.

Tony hates to be around people. The only thing keeping him alive is his dog. He likes to take the dog on a walk, and they hang out at the beach, which is also where Tony tries to kill himself but is saved by the bark! The beach scenes were filmed at Camber Sands in East Sussex. Filming also took place in the Hill Garden and Pergola, where Tony and Brandy go for a walk.

Some of the most heartfelt scenes in ‘After Life’ are the conversations between Tony and Anne. They bond over their dead spouses at the cemetery. The filming for these scenes took place at St Mary and All Saints church in Beaconsfield.

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