Where Was Black Lightning Season 4 Filmed?

The CW’s ‘Black Lightning’ is a superhero television series based on the DC Comics character Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning. The fourth season is the last season of the show set within the Arrowverse. The main cast includes Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce/ Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce/ Thunder, Chantal Thuy as Grace Choi, and Christine Adams as Lynn Stewart.

The fourth and final season sees Cress Williams reprising his role as Pierce, trying to do a decent job as the school counselor. At the same time, his superhero persona, Black Lightning, attempts to fight the prevailing corruption within the community of Freeland. Like the other seasons, the fourth season is also primarily based in Freeland. If you are wondering about the locations the production crew used to represent the city, we have you covered.

Black Lightning Season 4 Filming Locations

The coronavirus pandemic majorly impacted the filming for the fourth season of ‘Black Lightning.’ Thus, the production for the season had to be abruptly halted, and the writers had to modify the storyline to accommodate the changes imposed due to the circumstances. One of the many alterations to the show included a modification in the filming locations.

The show received a green light to start filming in Vancouver, but instead of Vancity, they filmed in Georgia. An Instagram post from Nafessa Williams indicated that the filming for season 4 began mid-October in 2020. As for locations, the production crew used various places across Georgia to bring the city of Freeland to life once again. Here are the details of these locations.

Atlanta, Georgia

Just like previous seasons, almost the entirety of ‘Black Lightning’ season 4 was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. The state capital is also the most populous city in Georgia. Among the many residential buildings in the bustling city with gleaming skylines, one was chosen to represent the home of the Pierce family.

A signboard was spotted in one of the residential neighborhoods that said: “Black Lightning Anissa Pierce,” indicating the definite pick for shooting certain scenes within the season.

Videos uploaded by the stars on social media also showed some glimpses of the surroundings they were filming in, some of which fans of the show might recognize from previous seasons.

Several fans expressed their concerns about how the pandemic had affected this show and many others filming in Georgia. This is because Georgia’s film industry is suffering the consequences of the pandemic. The industry, which contributes significantly to the city’s revenue, has suffered a decline in the business. But as filming resumes for various shows and movies, things are bound to get slowly back on track.

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