Where Was Boy From Nowhere Filmed?

Inspired by true events, ‘Boy From Nowhere’ is a Filipino war drama movie written and directed by SJ Finlay that follows a young boy named Gary whose entire life turns around for the worse when his father gets killed during an attack on his village. When there is no sign of her mother and her tribe, he embarks on a dangerous journey while dealing with hunger and various other hurdles along the way. Soon, Gary gets pulled into the world of gangs and becomes a child soldier after getting brainwashed by a local rebel group.

When Gary faces further loss down the line, he takes a step back, and eventually, gets more clarity about the meaning and purpose of his life. Finlay manages to capture the harsh realities of war and the brutal nature of humans brilliantly, which keeps the audience hooked from the beginning to the end of the movie. Moreover, the change in landscapes reflects the transition in the character of Gary, as his life sees many twists and turns. Thus, it is natural for you to be curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Boy From Nowhere.’ In that case, we have got you covered!

Boy From Nowhere Filming Locations

‘Boy From Nowhere’ was filmed entirely in the Philippines, specifically in Mindanao. Given the fact that the story is set in the Philippines, the production team decided to shoot the drama movie on location in the Republic of the Philippines itself, giving the audience an immersive and authentic viewing experience. Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is considered an emerging market and a newly industrialized country. Now, let’s not waste any time and follow Gary in his transformational journey, and learn all about the specific sites that feature in the war film!

Mindanao, Philippines

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Boy From Nowhere’ were lensed in Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines and the seventh most populous island in the entire world. In particular, the filming unit utilized the locales of the valleys of Central Mindanao, Songco Village in Northern Mindanao, and the landlocked province of Bukidnon, which is situated in the Northern Mindanao region. The green pastures and the picturesque views of the mountains in the backdrop of the above-mentioned regions are ever so present throughout the movie, which is shot in guerrilla style.

During a February 2023 Zoom interview with Golden Globes, the director SJ Finlay got asked about the challenges and risks he and his crew faced while shooting the movie in such a dangerous region of the Philippines. He said that he was told it would be risky to shoot the movie on location by people who had indirect relationships with the rebel group of Bukidnon, NPA (New People’s Army). He elaborated, “For instance, we were driving up to Bukidnon and there was a truck that had been burned, a whole semi-truck that had been burned. It was on the side of the road. I got the camera out and took a shot and I put it in the movie.”

As the movie required cast members to be armed with guns, there were concerns among the local people and rebels during the filming process. Finlay said, “People driving by would think that they’re the real rebels and would get scared. So, there was that challenge but I felt the people were so friendly and really took care of me. I had enough good relationships that I felt safe. We also took precautions to stay close to the village and use actual villagers that other people would recognize so that they didn’t think the military was coming in or the rebel group was coming in.”

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