17 Best Filipino Movies on Netflix (April 2024)

Cinema from the East has been gaining popularity amongst international audiences. Be it Japan, Korea, or the Philippines, the viewership for films and TV shows from these places has seen exponential growth in the past couple of years. Netflix has played a big part in bringing their cinema to an international audience, and honestly, once you get hooked, there is no going back. If you’re looking for some great films to start your obsession with Filipino stories, then you have come to the right place.

17. Rewind (2023)

This Mae Cruz-Alviar-directed sci-fi romance shows family man John given a chance to save his wife’s life. She passed away in an accident while the two were arguing in the car that John was driving. After his wife’s passing, he is approached by a guy who resembles Jesus, who gives him the chance to save his wife’s life, but it comes with the condition that someone else has to die on the very day. ‘Rewind’ stars Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Pepe Herrera, Coney Reyes and Jordan Lim. You can watch the film here.

16. A Very Good Girl (2023)

Directed by Peterson Vargas, this revenge thriller comedy follows Mercy (Kathryn Bernardo), who puts on a new unrecognizable persona, Philo, to return to extract revenge from her boss, business tycoon Mother Molly (Dolly De Leon), who fired year five years earlier. After getting close to Mother, Philo slowly begins to pull the Jenga blocks of Mother’s empire one at a time while getting to a side of Mother she never knew. To find out whether Philo is successfully able to take her revenge, you can watch the film here.

15. The Cheating Game (2023)

Starring Rayver Cruz, Julie Anne San Jose, and Paolo Contis, ‘The Cheating Game’ is directed by Rod Marmol. It tells the story of young professional Hope, who works for an NGO she has built with her boyfriend. But her happiness is momentary as she comes across a sex tape of him with another woman, after which she breaks off her engagement and opts for a new career wherein she meets Miguel, a self-made guy who seems to have none of the red flags that she has to jot down after her heartbreak. However, as time passes and the two come closer, secrets of the past creep up. Is Hope about to have another heartbreak? To find out, you can watch the movie here.

14. BuyBust (2021)

‘BuyBust’ is an action-thriller film helmed by Erik Matti. The film explores corruption, violence, and the war on drugs in the Philippines. The plot follows an anti-narcotics special operations unit led by Nina Manigan as they conduct a buy-bust operation in the slums of Manila. The operation turns into a fight for survival as the team finds itself trapped in the maze-like neighborhood, with residents and criminals alike turning against them.

The film’s ensemble cast includes Anne Curtis as Nina Manigan, Brandon Vera as Rico Yatco, Victor Neri as Bernie Lacson, and Arjo Atayde as Biggie Chen. The film provides a critical look at the government’s approach to tackling the drug problem and the impact it has on society. The movie also touches on themes of survival, loyalty, and the moral complexities law enforcement officers face in the line of duty. You can watch the movie here.

13. Eerie (2018)

Written by Mikhail Red, Rae Red, and Mariah Reodica, ‘Eerie’ is a horror mystery thriller movie directed by Mikhail Red. The Bea Alonzo and Charo Santos-Concio-starrer revolves around an old Catholic school for girls, which experiences the worst tragedy since its establishment when a student dies in mysterious circumstances. Pat Consolacion, who is the school’s guidance counselor, worries about the well-being of the victims’ classmates and gets emotionally attached to them over time. However, it unexpectedly leads her to some shocking discoveries that eventually help her learn all there is to know about the true evil behind the horrific incident. You can stream the film here.

12. Maria (2019)

Directed and co-written by Pedring A. Lopez, ‘Maria’ is an action movie that stars Cristine Reyes, Germaine De Leon, and KC Montero. The titular protagonist is a former BlackRose cartel assassin whose execution orders are given by her allies just because she refused to complete the mission assigned to her. However, in a surprising turn of events, she manages to create a new life for herself by merely faking her death. Sadly, the cartel eventually finds out that she has tried to trick them, and they decide to send their men after her to complete the previous unfulfilled mission. You can stream the film here.

11. My Amanda (2021)

Alessandra de Rossi’s ‘My Amanda’ is a romantic drama film that explores the intimate and sometimes overlapping themes of friendship and romantic love. The movie centers upon TJ “Fuffy” and Amanda “Fream,” two unusually close friends who have spent a significant part of their lives with each other. So, it is not a surprise that many feel that they are a couple. Their shared experiences have shaped them over the years, and the duo has become a constant in each other’s lives. But do they take the next step and become a couple as well? You may watch ‘My Amanda’ here and find out.

10. Finding Agnes (2020)

Directed by Marla Ancheta, ‘Finding Agnes’ follows successful businessman Virgilio “Brix” Rivero (Jelson Bay), who arrives in Morocco in the aftermath of her estranged mother Agnes’s (Sandy Andolong) death. She left him 25 years ago, and now he has the chance to find out about her and why she left. In the endeavor, he is joined by Agnes’ adopted daughter (Brix’s adopted sister), Cathy (Sue Ramirez), and we feel Agnes’ presence in the conversations that the two have about their mom. A story of family and familial abuse, ‘Finding Agnes’ offers a unique take on family drama. You can stream it here.

9. Love You Long Time (2023)

‘Love You Long Time,’ also known as ‘Yung Libro Sa Napanood Ko,’ is a romantic-drama film directed by Jaime Habac Jr. The film follows Ikay, a romance screenwriter who is suffering from heartbreak. Her life takes a turn when she makes an unexpected connection with a man via an old walkie-talkie. Eisel Serrano brings life to the character of Ikay, while Carlo Aquino portrays Uly, the man on the other end of the walkie-talkie. You may watch the movie here.

8. Lola Igna (2019)

‘Lola Igna’ is a Filipino drama film directed by Eduardo Roy Jr. The film tells the story of Igna, a 118-year-old woman who holds the title of the oldest living grandmother in the world. She lives in a small village and is cared for by her granddaughter. Igna’s peaceful life is disrupted when her great-great-grandson, Tim, visits to document her life for a school project. The movie explores the dynamics of their relationship and the impact of modernity on traditional ways of life.

The ensemble cast features Angie Ferro as Lola Igna, Yves Flores as Tim, Meryll Soriano, and Maria Isabel Lopez. The film explores the contrast between traditional rural life and modern urban life and the importance of family bonds and intergenerational relationships. The movie also reflects on the value of wisdom that comes with age and the need to preserve cultural heritage. You can watch ‘Lola Igna’ here.

7. Fan Girl (2020)

‘Fan Girl’ features Charlie Dizon, Paulo Avelino, and Micko Laurente and is directed by Antoinette Jadaone. It is a coming-of-age drama that revolves around teenage Jane, who finally gets to meet his idol, Paulo Avelino, although under unusual circumstances. She ends up in unfamiliar surroundings and gets to know the side of Avelino that she is not shown onscreen, one that is scary. This is when Jane realizes that she was wrong to think that she knew everything about him. To know what Avelino’s secrets are, you can just stream the movie right here.

6. Labyu with an Accent (2022)

This rom-com is directed by Coco Martin and stars Jodi Sta. Maria, Coco Martin, Rochelle Pangilinan, and Rafael Rosell. It follows American carrier-oriented businesswoman Trisha, who travels to her home country, the Philippines, after breaking up with her fiancé/business partner Matt, whom she finds cheating. While looking for a way to mend her heart, she comes across a guy named Gabo, a kind-hearted stripper. The two fall in love and Trisha brings Gabo to America and introduces him as an affluent businessman. This is so that she can keep her cold father from bringing Matt back into the family for the sake of the family business. To see how everything turns out for the couple, you can watch the movie here.

5. The Entitled (2022)

While it seems easy to shift from a hardworking lifestyle to a lavish one where you have others to serve you, this is not the case for Belinda, who suddenly finds herself as a member of the high society, thanks to her estranged father who owns a chain to high-end hotels. She has to learn new ways to live her life as well as help her father run her business. To assist her, there is the charming attorney Jacob, who found her. So how hard can it be? Well, it is one thing to learn new stuff and a whole new ballgame to fit in in a new environment. Directed by Theodore Boborol, the movie stars Alex Gonzaga, JC de Vera, Andi Abaya, Ara Mina, and Johnny Revilla. You can watch the film here.

4. Missed Connections (2023)

Starring Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, and Chienna Filomeno, ‘Missed Connections’ is a rom-com directed by Jelise Chung. In it, we have a young woman named Mae who falls head over heels in love with a guy named Norman, with whom she has had only one encounter. To seek him out, Mae turns to an app, and this makes her undergo a string of experiences that affect the way she looks at love itself. You can watch the movie here.

3. Ordinary People (2016)

‘Ordinary People,’ also known as ‘Pamilya Ordinaryo,’ is a Filipino drama film directed by Eduardo Roy Jr. The film follows the lives of Aries and Jane, teenage parents who live on the streets of Manila. Their life takes a drastic turn when their baby, Arjan, is kidnapped. The movie depicts their struggle and desperation as they try to find their child, showcasing the harsh realities faced by street dwellers in the city. The film features Ronwaldo Martin as Aries and Hasmine Killip as Jane.

‘Ordinary People’ touches on the themes of poverty, desperation, the struggle for survival, and the impact of societal indifference. The film provides a raw and unfiltered look at the lives of street dwellers and their daily challenges. It also explores the dynamics of family and relationships in the face of adversity. You can watch the movie here.

2. Seasons (2023)

This romantic drama stars Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino in leading roles. Directed by Easy Ferrer, the movie shows how two platonic adult friends, Charlie (Poe) and Kurt (Aquino), look for a partner for each other after a string of failed relationships. Both of them even get into relationships, but there seems to be more to the friendship between Charlie and Kurt than they thought. Do they know that they have feelings for each other? Or is it just a passable mutual feeling? To know how things turn out for the two people, feel free to check out the movie here.

1. Keys to the Heart (2023)

A remake of the 2018 Korean film of the same name, ‘Keys to the Heart,’ follows Joma, a washed-up boxer who is directionless and thus returns to his estranged mother and autistic brother. He hasn’t seen them in a long time but doesn’t hate them either. Moreover, when he finds out that his autistic brother Jayjay can play the piano really well, he decides to give Jayjay the proper coaching. This, along with Jayjay’s own enthusiasm, helps Joma give himself another chance at boxing. A family drama that is sweet and heartwarming, ‘Keys to the Heart’ is directed by Kerwin Go. The film stars Zanjoe Marudo as Joma, Elijah Canlas as Jayjay, and Dolly De Leon as their mother, Sylvia. You can watch it here.

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