Where Was Centigrade (2020) Filmed?

Set in the year 2002, ‘Centigrade’ walks us through the thrilling, nail-biting tale of a couple, Matthew and Naomi, who travel to the arctic mountains of Norway. Along the way, a heavy snowstorm brings a halt to their journey, but little to they realize that this temporary stop will soon become a battle for survival. Upon waking up, they find themselves buried under layers of snow with limited resources and food. Adding more heft to their troubles is the fact that Naomi is eight months pregnant. As their resources start to dwindle, paranoia sets in, and the demons of the couple’s past begin to resurface. As they work against nature’s forces and battle starvation, hypothermia, and claustrophobia, they also try to find a way to stick with another and make it out alive.

For the most part, the storyline of ‘Centigrade’ unfolds inside the couple’s SUV due to which only a few external scenes are featured in its runtime. Even so, if you’ve watched the film and you’re wondering where its shooting took place, here is everything you need to know.

Centigrade Filming Locations

‘Centigrade’ is set up in the snow-clad mountains of Norway, but viewers would be surprised to know that almost none of its scenes were filmed in Norway. For the most part, the movie’s filming took place in New York.

New York

As mentioned earlier, ‘Centrigrade’ is a survival thriller that revolves around a couple, whose SUV gets trapped under thick sheets of snow. Almost all the scenes depicting the trapped couple in the movie were filmed inside a New York ice cream freezer using two SUVs. One SUV had its roof cut off while the other had its nose removed for the ease of filming. All of its scenes were shot in chronological order, and its shooting was wrapped up in a total of 24 days. After each week, the filmmakers took some days off to allow the actors to lose weight, and bring their other changes in their appearance in context with the movie’s timeline. Apart from filming inside the ice-Cream freezer, the crew of the film even traveled to Norway—the original setup of the film—to shoot some external scenes.

In an interview, the leading actor, Vincent Piazza, explained how the weather in itself played the role of the movie’s antagonist. He further adds how filming inside an ice-cream freezer was very challenging for the cast and crew. You can check out the entire interview below:

Here’s a picture from the movie’s sets in Norway, posted by the leading actress Genesis Rodriguez:

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