Where Was Crank Filmed?

Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, ‘Crank’ is a relentless action thriller film that follows hitman Chev Chelios as he races against time after being poisoned with a deadly toxin by his adversary Ricky Verona. Starring Jason Statham in the lead, the narrative is driven by Chelios’ desperate attempts to keep his adrenaline levels high to prevent the toxin from killing him. The high-octane action sequences, particularly the iconic helicopter scene where Chelios confronts his enemy mid-air, showcase the film’s audacious spirit.

The vibrant streets of Los Angeles serve as the backdrop for Chelios’ adrenaline-fueled escapades, playing a pivotal role in setting the 2006 movie’s frenetic tone. But was it actually filmed on location or elsewhere? If you’re wondering the same, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know about the filming sites of ‘Crank.’

Crank Filming Locations

‘Crank’ was filmed entirely in California, specifically in the city of Los Angeles in the Southern part of the state. The urban sprawl and diverse locales in the Bear State provided the perfect setting for Chev’s frantic escapades. California serves as the primary backdrop in the film, and the setting aligns seamlessly with the actual filming locations, offering viewers an authentic experience. Production took place in and around October 2005 across various iconic spots around the city, capturing the essence of LA’s bustling environment. Let’s take a look at all the specific locations where the filming of this action thriller took place.

Los Angeles, California

This bustling hub of Los Angeles in Southern California served as the perfect filming site for Chev Chelios’ encounters. The city’s diverse locales, from bustling streets to secluded alleys, mirror the film’s oscillating intensity. The film kicks off with Chelios speeding west along East 3rd Street, passing the deco apartment block at 701 East 3rd Street. The city’s geography is playfully manipulated as Chelios drives over the Sixth Street Bridge before reaching Willowbrook in South Central.

The high-paced chases and confrontations mirror the city’s own relentless pace. Chelios’ frantic chase takes him through numerous LA streets, including Halldale Avenue, West Adams Boulevard, and South Normandie Avenue. The energy drink heist scene was filmed at Amin’s Oils, located at 2603 South Normandie Avenue. From high-speed chases to intense confrontations, the streets of LA witnessed Chev’s desperate attempts to keep his adrenaline pumping, playing a crucial role in the narrative.

Interestingly, the scene where Chelios fights Verona while hanging on a helicopter over the streets of Downtown LA was performed by Jason Statham. The talented and bold actor actually performed almost all of his stunts. Talking about it, Jason recalled, “Yeah, that was a big stunt. I mean, how do you prepare for hanging three thousand feet out of the side of a helicopter? You don’t. I’ve never done it before. You just get strapped in and away you go, which is pretty gung ho. But I like to do all my own stuff and I feel pretty confident doing so. Otherwise I wouldn’t put my silly self in that position.”

The rooftop pool of Andaz West Hollywood at 8401 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood doubled up as Carlito’s Penthouse in the film. The luxury boutique hotel in Sunset Strip has also been featured in several films, making it a cinematic landmark. This iconic location is where some of the most memorable scenes were shot, including when Chelios confronts Carlito. The hotel’s unique architecture and ambiance added depth to the scenes filmed here. Chelios’ daring stunts take him to places like the Montebello Mall as well as the gas station on Normandie Avenue. The iconic scene in which Chev steals Epinephrine from the Hospital was shot at 4500 West 116th Street, Hawthorne CA,  while the scene in which Chev steals motorcycle from the Cop was shot at the intersection of Hope Street and Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. The scene which shows Chev standing on a the moving motorcycle was shot at Gayley Avenue, and the scene where Chev shoots men after the car chase was filmed at 11645 South Broadway, LA.

The place that served as Eve’s apartment is situated on Oxford Avenue, while Don Kim’s shirt factory is located at 530 South Hewitt Street. Filming also took place at the Sin City Deciples bikers club in Willowbrook and the Prince Restaurant at 3198 West 7th Street in Koreatown.  Though the makers looked for places to film in Vancouver, Montreal, and New Mexico, they ultimately settled for LA. Talking about how each location in the city added a distinct flavor to the film’s narrative, Brian Taylor, one-half of the writer-director duo, said, “One of the ideas of the movie is that it’s a quintessentially L.A. movie. L.A.’s a character in the movie. That’s why we had to shoot in L.A.”

Adding to it, Amy Smart, who plays Eve Lydon, said, “I think this script has a very L.A. flavor, where it’s dirty and raw and gritty, and you just couldn’t double it in Vancouver or anywhere else, for that matter. And whether you’re in Silverlake or downtown L.A. or Chinatown, it just has a very specific feel.” Summing it up, Richard S. Wright stated, “It was so important to them [the filmmakers] to get that sort of L.A. thing—this wacky city with all these weird corners and funky architecture and constant sun. That was a really big deal for them to keep that and so we made a lot of sacrifices to do that. But it paid off and we’ve actually been able to make good on our bet.”

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