Where Was Crooked House Filmed?

Helmed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner based on the eponymous 1949 Agatha Christie novel, ‘Crooked House’ is a brooding mystery film chronicling a death in a family. The end of aristocrat Aristide Leonides plunges private investigator Charles Hayward into a bitter familial feud. The whodunit story is woven intricately, and the director brings his French sensibility to create a French gothic ambiance.

Noted stars such as Max Irons, Terence Stamp, Glenn Close, and Gillian Anderson portray various roles in this 2017 cinematic adaptation of the classic novel. Creating a period feel is unarguably tricky, but the production team powerfully delivered in the department. You must be wondering where the film was shot and to get an idea, we did some snooping of our own. Let us take you to those places.

Crooked House Filming Locations

‘Crooked House’ was filmed in its entirety in locations in and around England, especially London. Production commenced in September 2016 and was wrapped up shortly after that. The story is set in England, and that is precisely where the director took his cast and crew to film the movie. Acclaimed Production Designer Simon Bowles crafted the look. Austin Salt-Cowell and Ben Gladstone served in the location scouting department, and Sebastian Winterø is the cinematographer. Without further ado, let us now transport you to the specific filming locations!

London, England

A significant chunk of production was carried out in London, the city of Big Ben. The crew filmed extensively in and around the city during their stay in the city. Some interior scenes were filmed in the Maughan Library of King’s College London, a premier public university located at Chancery Lane in the Holborn district of the city. Some scenes were captured at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, the largest public square in the town, located in the same Holborn area.

Some sequences were captured at The Hammersmith Apollo, or Eventim Apollo (formerly Hammersmith Odeon, which is still prevalent in public usage), a live event venue located at 45 Queen Caroline Street in the city. The forum, which was established as a movie theatre, flaunts iconic Art Deco architecture. The venue stood in for both the cinema hall and the dance hall in the movie.

Additionally, the team also filmed some shots in Hoxton Square, a public park square located in the Hoxton area of Shoreditch in the London Borough of Hackney. One of the oldest garden squares in London, the location doubled as 1950s Soho in the movie.

Buckinghamshire, England

The location scouting team ventured to the countryside to find ideal ambiances to set the film. Finding a perfect location for Three Gables, the estate of the Leonides family, proved to be rather tricky. While the exterior shots were taken in one place, the interior sequences were filmed elsewhere in separate locations.

Some interior scenes were filmed at West Wycombe Park, a picturesque country house located near the village of West Wycombe, in the Buckinghamshire region of England. Designed to be a pleasure house for 18th Century dilettante Sir Francis Dashwood, the estate exhibits a remarkable instance of neoclassical architecture. The crew also did some filming inside Hughenden Manor, a Victorian mansion located in the Hughenden area of Bucks County.

Other Locations in England

The director took his team to several other locations, one of which was Dyrham Park, a baroque country house located near the village of Dyrham in the Chippenham region of South Gloucestershire. Minley Manor, a grade II listed heritage country house and surrounding garden, lent its premises for filming some exterior shots for the film. The location stood in for the exterior of Three Gables. The building flaunts French Gothic architecture and thus went perfectly well with the director’s sensibility.

Some interior sequences were captured at Tyntesfield, a Victorian gothic revival estate located near Wraxall, in the North Somerset region of the country. Moreover, scenes on the foyer and the staircase of the manor were filmed at Wrotham Park, another old English estate in the parish of South Mimms in Hertfordshire.

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