Where Was Enter the Dragon Filmed?

‘Enter the Dragon’, directed by Robert Clouse, is a 1973 martial arts action-thriller film featuring Bruce Lee as a martial arts instructor called Mr. Lee who is approached by the British Intelligence to investigate a man named Han (Shih Kien), the suspect of a crime. The protagonist participates in a sophisticated martial arts competition hosted in Han’s personal property to gather evidence against illegal activities that Han is suspiciously linked to.

But the story acquires a different form when his sister’s murder resurfaces in the form of Han’s bodyguard O’Hara (Robert Wall), who is also the killer. The movie is reputed to be one of the best martial arts films of all time. It is replete with fast-paced action-sequences and rocky structures that enormously fill up the island where the party shifts to. But where were these scenes filmed? Let’s find out.

Enter The Dragon Filming Locations

‘Enter the Dragon’ was filmed in Hong Kong. Filming started on January 25, 1973, and continued till April 2, 1973. Apart from this, Los Angeles was also used for shooting purposes. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the specifics, shall we?

Hong Kong

The voyage to Han’s island commences with a scene filmed at Aberdeen Harbour, and in the following few shots, the top profile of the entire harbor is featured. Lee’s flashback subsequently takes us to him visiting his parents’ grave at the Muslim Cemetery in Happy Valley. Their arrival on Han’s island is a scene filmed on the coastline of the Tai Tam Bay. The exterior shots of Han’s palace are captured in a long shot covering King Yin Lei, Wan Chai. Another sequence, which includes the Hall of Mirrors, was filmed on an artificial set produced at the same location.


The scene where Lee is talking to his martial arts teacher was filmed at the Tsing Shan Monastery. The first fighting scene is initiated with Lee being placed in front of his long-haired sumo opponent (Sammo Hung). This scene was shot in Ho Sheung Heung, Sheung Shui. The first tournament finally takes place at the Palm Villa tennis courts, where Mr. Lee takes on 12 people. The second tournament was filmed at the same location.

The final fight scene between Lee and Han was also filmed there. The collective appearance of Han’s island was captured using a top profile shot of Kau Yi Chau, an uninhabited island. Other locations include Barker Street (the market during opening credits) and the China Sea. Studio scenes were shot at Golden Harvest Studios, Kowloon.