Where Was Final Destination 5 Filmed?

Steven Quale directed the 2011 gory horror bonanza ’Final Destination 5,’ the fifth installment of the popular horror franchise of the same name. Presumably set before the first movie’s events, the story opens with Sam and his colleagues going to a company retreat. While their bus is on the North Bay Bridge, Sam has a vision where he sees the bridge collapsing. Everyone except Sam’s ex Molly dies in the image of the disaster.

The bridge collapses just like the vision, while Sam’s decisive action saves eight from imminent death. However, Sam would come to know that evading death can have drastic repercussions. Most of the story unravels in the office building of Sam’s company, the Presage Papers, while scenes take the viewers to a collapsing bridge, a massage parlor, a doctor’s chamber, and a factory, even. However, you may feel like knowing more about the particular locations where the movie was filmed. If you are having a hard time pinning them down, let us help you out.

Final Destination 5 Filming Locations

‘Final Destination 5’ was filmed in its entirety in Canada, especially in and around British Columbia. Filming commenced on September 13, 2010, and was wrapped up by December 14, 2010. As the producers stated, the movie’s ambiance is darker, and the tone is suspenseful, much like the original movie. Due to its suitable situation amidst mountains and oceans, British Columbia proves to be a highly fertile ground for filming.

The region features state-of-the-art film and television production facilities, a plethora of landscapes, and an army of skilled professionals. Moreover, the provincial government has introduced an elaborate tax credit program, which puts the province on the global production map when coupled with the favorable currency exchange rate. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was filmed!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of the sequences were filmed in Vancouver, an iconic seaport city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Situated on the province’s west coast, the city is known for its vibrant cultures and remarkable ethnic diversity. Moreover, the city is also a picturesque filming location much coveted by producers and filmmakers.

The bridge of the opening collapse sequence is not the North Bay Bridge, as the movie suggests. Although the incident is thought to be inspired by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse of 1940, the scenes were filmed on the Lions Gate Bridge, another suspension bridge that crosses the Burrard Inlet to connect downtown Vancouver to the North Shore municipalities.

In another scene just after the disaster, Sam and his colleagues at the Presage Papers gather at a park to mourn over the deceased employees. These scenes were filmed at Cypress Park, a provincial park located on the North Shore of the Metro Vancouver Regional District in West Vancouver.

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