Where Was Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Filmed?

Directed by Lasse Hallström, ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ is a biographical drama film that follows a dog named Hachiko, who always accompanies Parker Wilson, his indulgent master, to the station. When he returns after a long day of work, Hachi is always there waiting for him, and they walk back home together. Unfortunately, one evening he keeps waiting for Wilson, who never comes back. It turns out that he passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest while delivering one of his college lectures.

Unable to understand the harsh truth, Hachi waits every day at the train station until he passes away several years later. The heartwarming story is regarded as one of the best (and the most heartbreaking) dog movies ever made. In case you wish to know the exact filming locations for ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,’ then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Filming Locations

‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ was filmed majorly in Rhode Island in the United States and a small part in East Asia. The United States is one of the biggest centers of the global film industry. The principal photography for the true-life-inspired movie was done in Rhode Island. Located in the New England region, Rhode Island is a state of great economic prosperity. Since the movie is based on a true story of a dog who lived in the 1920s, Rhode Island provided the ideal filming locations to shoot most scenes.

Filming was also partly done in eastern Asia, which has, over the decades, emerged as an economic powerhouse and an attractive filming destination. Shooting for the movie was limited to a few locations in these two countries, so let’s jump right in and learn more about them.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Most of the filming for ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ was limited to Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Located in Providence County, it is one of the largest cities in the state. The train station shots in the movie were almost all filmed at 1 Depot Square. In the movie, Parker takes the puppy Hachi home through Arnold Street and Main Street of the town. Main Street is also the location where Hachi is first seen as a 10-year-old after the professor’s death.

Parker and his wife Kate’s home scene was shot at High Street and Walley Street. Numerous other scenes were filmed at Glen Road, Sayles Street, Harris Avenue, Railroad Street, Blackstone Street, and River Street.

Other locations in Rhode Island

Several crucial scenes in the film were shot in Bristol, Rhode Island. The seaport town is named after a city of the same name in England. Filming for the movie took place at Reynolds Elementary School (now closed) in Bristol. The scene in which Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) collapses and later passes away while delivering a lecture was filmed at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston. The shooting was also done in Columbus Theatre Arts Center, Providence, and also the Worcester Railroad Mechanical. The uncertain New England weather delayed the filming on some occasions, and production took longer than expected.


After suffering a brutal defeat in World War II, Japan rose like a phoenix from the ashes and has turned itself into a global economic, entertainment, and cultural center. While filming for the entire movie was almost limited to Rhode Island, a second production team was busy taking on-location shots in the East Asian country.

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