Where Was Hallmark’s Welcome To Valentine Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Image Credit: Hallmark Media

Hallmark’s ‘Welcome To Valentine’ is a romantic movie that revolves around Olivia, who loses her boyfriend and job all at once. She is upset and heartbroken and wants to visit her hometown in hopes of starting anew while taking some time off. On the way, she bumps into George, and the two are stuck with each other throughout the road trip.

The endearing banter blooms into a romance as the two develop feelings for each other. The Stefan Brogren directorial is a sweet and wholesome movie that feels like a warm embrace. The visuals and aesthetics of the movie truly elevate this feeling and make you wonder about the whereabouts of the filming sites. If that thought sounds familiar, then here’s all you must know about the same.

Welcome To Valentine Filming Locations

‘Welcome To Valentine’ was filmed extensively in the Canadian province of Ontario, particularly in Ottawa and Almonte. It is the preferred shooting spot for most Hallmark movies for fewer expenses, availability of professionals, and tax incentives. The film was shot in December 2022, and the shooting seemingly ended on December 16, 2022. Now, let’s take a look at the specific filming sites.

Ottawa, Ontario

Most of the movie was captured in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, known for its tourist attractions like Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal, Byward Market, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, along with several other places of historical and cultural significance. The city is located in the southern regions of Ontario, at the conjunction of Rideau River and Ottawa River. One prominent filming area in the movie is Kemptville, a small North Grenville town on the eastern side of Ontario. It stands in for the city of Valentine in Nebraska, which is Olivia’s hometown, wherein the duo makes a stop at this place during their road trip.

As per reports, the crew set up a banner that said “Welcome to Valentine” and decorated all the shops on Prescott Street in red and pink for Valentine’s theme. A few stores they embellished were Bubba & Bugs Coffee Bar at 146 Prescott St, Book Market at 144 Prescott St, CatherineFit at 138 Prescott St, and lastly, the Royal LePage Team Realty Brokerage at 139 Prescott St.

The team also added a lovely flower shop on the sidewalk and used the Butler’s Victorian Pantry situated at 126 Prescott St as a post office after a few altercations. The filmmakers reportedly shot between the area of Reuben Crescent to Elizabeth Street on Prescott Street because it was occupied and closed by the team. ‘Hotel for the Holidays’ and ‘Winter Castle’ are two other romantic movies that were lensed in Ottawa.

Almonte, Ontario

Almonte, a former mill town in Lanark based in the eastern areas of Ontario, also served as a shooting spot for the film. The beautiful townlet is adorned with museums, fine art, boutiques, and relishing food. The crew purportedly recorded some segments at a house on Elgin Street. The filmmakers of ‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ and ‘The Christmas Setup,’ along with several other Hallmark movies, chose Almonte for capturing a few segments.

Welcome To Valentine Cast

Kathryn Davis essays the role of Olivia in the movie. You may know the actress for her portrayal of Vera from ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ or Ella in ‘The Wedding Planners.’ The lead actor is Markian Tasrasiuk, who plays George and is best known for his role as Parker in ‘Virgin River’ and Elliot in ‘Surface.’ The supporting cast features Sophie Bastelle as Tess, Sandy Duarte as the boss, Baeyen Hoffman as Mickey, and lastly Andrea Davis as Barbara Mae.

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