Where Was Hard Kill (2020) Filmed?

Starring Bruce Willis, ‘Hard Kill’ is an action thriller that centers on a team of intrepid mercenaries. They are led by Derek Miller, a security expert who is known to be among the world’s best fighters. Realizing their potential, a billionaire tech CEO named Donovan Chalmers hires all of them to secure a new form of technology that could potentially destroy the world if it ends up in the wrong hands. But despite their expertise, things don’t go as planned when Chalmers’ daughter gets kidnapped by a group of terrorists who call themselves The Pardoners. Determined to get their hands on Chalmers’ technology, the terrorists threaten the billionaire in every possible way. While they are at it, Miller’s team races against time to stop The Pardoners.

Although the early reviews of the film aren’t all that favorable, Bruce Willis fans should certainly check it out. If you’ve already watched it and you’re wondering where its filming took place, here’s everything you need to know.

Hard Kill Filming Locations

The principal photography of ‘Hard Kill’ was initiated sometime in January 2020. According to reports, Hard Kill was filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio, where its entire shooting was wrapped up in just ten days.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is among Ohio’s major cities and is very well known for its stunning 19th-century architecture, bustling Friday Markets, history-encompassing museums, and botanical gardens. Resting along the banks of the Ohio River, the city serves as the perfect filming location for movies like ‘Hard Kill.’ That’s the reason why several other Hollywood movies like ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer,’ ‘Point Blank,’ and ‘The Public’ have been filmed in the region.

The production company behind the film, Emmett Furla, has previously shot five other films in the Queen City. ‘Marauders,’ ‘Reprisal,’ ‘Inconceivable,’ ’10 Minutes Gone,’ and ‘Gotti’ were shot in Cincinnati itself and along with that, ‘Hard Kill’ also happens to be Bruce Willis fourth movie in the region. According to several local news sources, producer Randall Emmett even expressed his excitement towards filming in Cincinnati by saying: “We love shooting in Cincinnati. The city is so welcoming, and the film office is one of the best in the country.”

Adding to this, Kristen Schlotman, Film Cincinnati executive director, also seemed ecstatic about so many films showing interest in the city. “Obviously there is a lot of excitement when stars are filming around Cincinnati, but the real excitement is seeing how many jobs these production companies create for locals and how much money they spend while in town. That’s what we care about,” she said.

Here are some stills from the movie’s drive-in premiere:


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