Homestead Rescue: Where Was the TV Show Filmed?

Are you tired of living in the urban society and trying to keep up with the high-paced life that we see around us every single day? If you think this life is not meant for you, you can become a homesteader. Such people generally go and live in the wilderness out of the hustle and bustle of city life, and are self-sustained as much as possible. They build their houses, rear animals, which give them milk, eggs, meat, and so on, and even grow the vegetables that they need. Discovery reports that the last decade has seen around two million Americans opting for living life off-the-grid, away from immense expectations that society puts on them.

It goes without saying that living a self-sustained existence is rather hard. One has to have various skills in order to survive without modern amenities. This is exactly where the Discovery Channel series ‘Homestead Rescue‘ comes in. The series centers around the Raney family- the father, Marty Raney, is a survival expert and a craftsman par excellence. His daughter Misty is a farmer, and his son Matt is a proficient hunter and fisherman. These three people impart their extensive knowledge to homesteaders so that their lives get easier and their dreams of living a scaled-down life are not ruined. Most homesteaders fail because of their lack of expertise. People who have grown up in cities or even small towns have never felt the need to do everything on their own. Here, the homesteaders have to do almost everything by themselves.

Homestead Rescue Filming Locations

The locations where the series is shot are rather interesting. These are some of the most unknown and uninhabited places in the United States. While some families live in the extreme cold of Alaska, some also live in the dangerous forests where they have to fight wild animals, natural disasters, harsh weather conditions, and so on. During the course of each episode, the trio teaches a family all the basic essentials they need in order to survive in such a situation. At the end of the episode, the participant has to decide whether he or she wants to carry on living as a homesteader or wants to return back to regular city life.

Season 6 Filming Locations

Homesteaders usually choose to live in places where there is not much civilization around them. Thus, the places they generally choose are deserts, forests, or mountains. Season 6 sees the Raneys trying to help families living in Alaska, Louisiana, Ohio, and so on. While one family is worried that the house they have created will go up in flames, another family is having problems dealing with floods, molds, pests, and so on. While the network has not revealed the exact locations where these episodes have been shot, one can guess from previous seasons that these are places where the homesteaders will not be able to call for help that easily. They have to learn survival skills at any cost.

While homesteading is a way to simplify your life, being a homesteader is not an easy job at all. One has to deal with the various problems nature will present in front of you. While there is definitely a lot of work to be done if one wishes to live like this, it also cannot be denied that homesteading gives you a sense of adventure and freedom as well.

Season 5 Filming Locations

In Season 5, we find the Reneys venturing out into some remote locations in California, Colorado, and other such places. Interestingly enough, they return to their own homestead in the fifth episode, only to find it in a terrible condition.

Season 4 Filming Locations

In Season 4, the Reneys venture into Kentucky, Tennessee, Alaska, Missouri, Oregon, and Idaho. Season 4 is the only occasion where two episodes center around one family, and here we see the Reneys facing probably the biggest challenge of their lives.

Season 3 Filming Locations

The Season 3 episodes of ‘Homestead Rescue’ find the Reneys in places like Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Missouri, the Ozarks, and others where they help homesteaders in whichever ways they can.

Season 2 Filming Locations

The Reney family visited homesteads in Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, and the Arctic region among others for filming their Season 2 episodes.