Where Was Incident in a Ghostland Filmed?

‘Incident in a Ghostland’ is a 2018 psychological horror film that follows two teenaged sisters that are held captive and tortured in a sinister house. What starts off as their new home soon turns into a deadly prison as the girls and their mother find themselves viciously attacked by intruders soon after moving into their late aunt’s home.

Through dual perspectives of the two girls, the film weaves a surreal story where one soon loses track of which character is seeing reality and which one is hallucinating. The stark rural surroundings add to the film’s ominous feel as the girls find themselves completely at the mercy of their tormentors with no hope of getting help. Are you curious about where ‘Incident in a Ghostland’ was filmed? We’ve got the story!

Incident in a Ghostland Filming Locations

The film is set in Illinois but was actually shot almost entirely in Manitoba. The intentional lack of details made it easy to use one location as a stand-in for another, and most of the film’s exterior scenes were seemingly filmed on location. Principal photography reportedly began in August 2016 and continued through December. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the movie to life.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The film was shot predominantly in the provincial capital city of Winnipeg, where filming seemingly took place both indoors and outdoors. A large portion of the film is set indoors, and most of these scenes were likely filmed on elaborate sets depicting the dilapidated house the sisters move into.

Actress Taylor Hickson reportedly sustained a serious injury while filming in Winnipeg when she accidentally partly fell through a glass pane on a door while filming an emotionally charged scene.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable parts of the city to be used in the film is the Arlington Steel Through Truss Bridge on Arlington Street which spans over the Canadian Pacific Railway yards in North Winnipeg. A brief automobile scene was seemingly filmed on the bridge.

The flat topography of the region provides the backdrop for multiple scenes near the beginning of the film where the family makes its way to their new home. The surrounding rural area was also seemingly used for exterior establishing shots to depict how isolated the house is where the girls are held captive.

Toronto, Ontario

It seems the production crew also spent some time filming in Toronto. This likely included studio filming of sequences requiring special effects’ facilities not available elsewhere. Scenes depicting Beth’s life as a successful writer in the city were also most likely filmed in Toronto.

New York City, New York

New York City was also reportedly used for filming a few scenes of the movie which could include, once again, those depicting Beth’s time in the city as a famous author. Scenes depicting her opulent home, workplace, and, later in the film, the party in her honor where she chats with author H.P. Lovecraft were likely filmed in the Big Apple.

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