Infinity Pool: Where Was the Sci-Fi Movie Filmed?

Written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, ‘Infinity Pool’ is a sci-fi horror movie set on the island of La Tolqa where a couple — James and Em Foster — stay at a luxurious resort to fully enjoy their all-inclusive beach vacation. However, when they are introduced to a seductive yet mysterious woman named Gabi, the couple is convinced to explore the surrounding area outside the resort. Later, James gets involved in a tragic accident when he hits a person with his car at night. This leads him and Em to know all about the hedonism, violence, and horror that are ever so prevalent on the island.

Moreover, there is a zero-tolerance policy for any crime in La Tolqa, as the criminals are either given the death penalty or can watch themselves die if they are rich enough to afford this option. Besides the bizarre and thrilling narrative, the visuals and scenic locations enhance the movie’s quality, covering all the horrific things that happen on the island. So, it is natural for viewers to be eager to learn about the actual filming sites of ‘Infinity Pool.’ If you are rowing the same boat of curiosity, allow us to provide you with all the information!

Infinity Pool Filming Locations

‘Infinity Pool’ was filmed in Croatia and Hungary, specifically in Šibenik and Budapest. As per reports, the principal photography for the thriller movie commenced in September 2021 and wrapped up after nearly five weeks of shooting in October of the same year. Since the story is set on the fictional island of La Tolqa, the makers reportedly went scouting for suitable locations worldwide before deciding upon Croatia and Hungary. Now, without much ado, let’s traverse through all the specific places that feature in the Brandon Cronenberg directorial!

Šibenik, Croatia

Many key portions of ‘Infinity Pool’ were lensed in and around Šibenik, the third largest city in Croatia’s Dalmatian region. In particular, Amadria Park resort at Hoteli Solaris 86 in Šibenik stands in for the luxurious resort where James and Em stay in the movie. The filming unit didn’t limit themselves to the hotel; they also traveled to surrounding areas to record many key sequences for the film.

Situated in central Dalmatia, Šibenik is considered the political, industrial, transport, educational, and tourist hub of Šibenik-Knin County. The city is home to several tourist attractions of historical significance, including the Cathedral of St. James, St. Nicholas Fortress, St. Michael’s Fortress, St. John Fortress, and Barone Fortress.

Budapest, Hungary

Several pivotal scenes for ‘Infinity Pool’ were also taped in Budapest, Hungary’s capital and most populous city. From the looks of it, the production team seemingly traveled across the city to shoot various interior and exterior sequences against suitable backdrops.

Located at the center of the Carpathian Basin, Budapest is one of the most visited cities worldwide, with millions of international tourists visiting annually. The capital has many sites of interest and landmarks, such as the Nagytétény Castle Museum, the Millenary Monument, Vajdahunyad Castle, the Elisabeth Bridge, and Gerbeaud Café.

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