Where Was Inside Man Filmed?

Directed by Spike Lee, ‘Inside Man’ begins with a man named Dalton Russell, who plans an elaborate heist with a motive much deeper than just robbing the bank of its money. Keith Frasier, an NYPD detective, gets the chance to prove his mettle by serving as the hostage negotiator in the case. On the surface, it looks like a usual heist. However, the cops soon figure out that the robbers have already considered all the possibilities of any action that can be taken against them. It becomes all the more mysterious when the owner of the bank hires a specialist to take care of the contents in a certain safety deposit box.

The film is a twisted thriller that keeps the audience on their toes. It seems more convincing because the location in the movie looks like a real bank. Where is ‘Inside Man’ filmed? Here the answer.

Inside Man Filming Locations

‘Inside Man’ is set around a bank heist in Manhattan. The film begins with a longshot of New York, taking us through several places in the city, eventually ending up at the bank where the action takes place. For shooting the film, the production turned towards New York. Several scenes were filmed inside the studio, but the movie was also filmed on location in several sites in the city.

New York

The most important location in ‘Inside Man’ is the bank where the heist takes place. Finding a perfect spot to serve the purpose of the plot was a critical check-off point. While a studio was at their disposal to create several parts of the bank, the crew needed a real-life location to add more authenticity to it. A former Wall Street Bank at 20 Exchange Place was used as the fictional Manhattan Trust Bank branch. The production gave it the makeover of the 1920s architecture. The Four Seasons at 99 East 52nd Street served as its exteriors.

Other interior sets were created at the Steiner Studios at 15 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn. The first floor scenes were filmed on location at the bank, but the basement scenes and other places inside the bank were filmed at the studio. Frasier’s apartment, police interrogation room, the interiors of the New York City Police Department, and the police vehicle were all shot on several sets created in the studio. An actual Mobile Command vehicle was used for the exteriors.

For the office of Arthur Case, an office at the Alexander Hamilton US Customs House was used. This is also the place where Frazier confronts Madeleine White after the heist. For White’s office, the crew found a place at The American Tract Society Building at 150 Nassau Street in Manhattan.

The scene where White and Case discuss the heist and his invaluable secrets inside the safety deposit box is filmed at Battery Park City Esplanade in Manhattan. Some scenes in the film also feature Cafe Bravo at 76 Beaver Street and Hanover Street. Additional filming locations include Brooklyn Bridge and the New Supreme Court House’s Appellate Division located at East 25th Street and Madison Avenue, Manhattan.

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