Where Was It Follows Filmed?

‘It Follows’ is a 2014 supernatural horror thriller about a girl who is stalked by a murderous supernatural entity. The curse seems to spread through sexual encounters, and the unsuspecting victims are set upon by entities that stalk them wherever they go.

The film’s surreal “living nightmare” feel is aided by its simple suburban backdrop, where life is normal for everyone except for those being stalked. The daily life backdrop also helps the surreal aspects of the film seem all the more shocking. Are you curious about where ‘It Follows’ was brought to life? We’ve got the story!

It Follows Filming Locations

‘It Follows’ is set in Michigan and was also filmed there. Multiple urban areas were used by the production crew, and a large portion of the shooting took place on location. Principal photography seemingly began in September 2013 and wrapped up around the end of October of the same year. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used in the production.

Detroit, Michigan

The movie is set in a residential suburb of Detroit, and much of the filming was carried out in and around Motor City as well. In fact, one of the characters even mentions Detroit’s famous 8 Mile Road. The city’s iconic Redford Theatre, located at 17360 Lahser Road, makes an appearance early on when Jeff (originally Hugh) spots the girl in the yellow dress and gets petrified. He is then seen with Jay in the dilapidated Packard Automotive Plant, which is an abandoned former automobile factory located at 1580 East Grand Boulevard.

The school scenes where Jay is haunted by an older woman were seemingly filmed in the Univerity of Detroit Mercy campus at 4001 West McNichols Road. Exterior shots of the climactic swimming pool scene were shot on location at the High Lift Building in the Water Works Park at 10100 East Jefferson Avenue.

The production crew also spent some time in Sterling Heights, one of Detroit’s core suburbs. Scenes depicting the neighborhood where Jay lives were filmed here, and the house at 38721 Trafalgar Way stood in for her residence. Nearby, the house on 38748 Trafalgar Way was also used to depict Greg’s home.

The production also spent time in Oakland County, which falls within Metro Detroit. The city of Berkley makes a brief appearance in scenes that were filmed at Clark’s Ice Cream and Yogurt at 3312 Twelve Mile Road. Hugh’s sinister-looking backyard that Jay looks at from his house is actually Jaycee Park, situated at 1755 East Long Lake Road in the nearby city of Troy.

Filming also took place extensively in the city of Clawson, and the climactic pool scenes were filmed at Clawson High School at 101 John M Avenue. An eatery named Nick’s Country Oven at 511 West 14 Mile Road also appears in the film. The now-defunct Northville Psychiatric Hospital at 41001 Seven Mile Road in the city of Northville was used to shoot some additional hair-raising scenes of an abandoned building. Northville is located in Oakland and Wayne counties and is also part of the Metro Detroit area.

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