Where Was Jason X Filmed?

The tenth installment in the hit ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise, ‘Jason X’ is a science fiction slasher film that sees Jason stalk his victims in a whole new environment. Todd Farmer, the film’s writer, picturized Jason in outer space, an environment that provides a novelty to his murderous exploits. Moreover, Jason is resurrected as Uber Jason, a new mechanized avatar that gives him a different outlook. The iconic hockey mask is replaced by a contraption that is equally sinister to look at. With his newfound abilities, Jason slashes through the mere mortals in his characteristic violence.

The kills showcased in ‘Jason X’ is technologically oriented but with a substantial gore that defines Jason’s character. The film moves ahead in the future, with most of the happenings occurring in outer space. Earth has become a barren wasteland, forcing humanity to shift to an alternate planet named Earth-II. The premise is interesting as it takes place in some futuristic settings, including research facilities. We were intrigued by the aesthetics of the film’s locations and decided to look through it. If you are on the same page with us, we have got your back!

Jason X Filming Locations

Since ‘Jason X’ contains its narrative in the confines of outer space, the film was created in the artifice of a studio in Toronto, Ontario. The production commenced on March 6, 2000, and was wrapped up by April 30, 2000. Let’s take a look at the specific filming details!

Toronto, Ontario

The turn of the century saw a surge in technical developments regarding special effects. Soundstages were primarily used to recreate the fantasy environments, and ‘Jason X’ is no exception. The film was shot extensively in Toronto, Ontario, where the sets were created on a soundstage. The art department’s painstaking work helped in creating the interiors of the Crystal Lake Research Facility.

Some portions of ‘Jason X’ were filmed in an abandoned military base on the outskirts of Toronto. The base is purported to have a vast subterranean lake that was used for underwater military exercises. Director James Isaac also dabbled in special effects and happened to be a protégé of the maverick auteur, David Cronenberg. Toronto, being Cronenberg’s hometown, provided him the opportunity to be a part of the film.

Cronenberg even helped Isaac by loaning him his production crew, who had the experience of working with practical and special effects. After all, the director is no stranger to special effects in sci-fi horror as exemplified by his works which include ‘The Fly,’ ‘The Brood’ and ‘Scanners.’ ‘Jason X’ was shot in 35 mm but later rendered into a high-definition video to enhance the impact of its extensive visual effects.

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