Netflix’s Hard Feelings: Where Was the Movie Filmed?

The exciting and excruciating era of teenage culminates into a number of scenarios that leave individuals questioning just about everything. In Netflix’s ‘Hard Feelings,’ alternatively titled ‘Hammerharte Jungs, ‘ two teenagers undergo precisely this. From coming to terms with their changing bodies and feelings to encountering the changes happening around them, the German comedy film looks at the embarrassing events that signify the cumulative experiences of every youth. Helmed by Granz Henman, it revolves around the life of two young best friends who handle the seemingly innocuous yet pivotal events of their teenage.

The the teen-comedy movie features compelling performances by Tobias Schäfer, Axel Stein, Diana Amft, Vivien König, Jasmin Shakeri, Lilly Joan Gutzeit, Kailas Mahadevan, Cosima Henman, Samirah Breuer and Merlin Sandmeyer. ‘Hard Feelings’ focuses on the strange and unique changes that set the precursor for a person’s lifetime. As such, encountering them in a humorous setting only elevates its idiocracy. The story unfolds the trepidations of young people and is further enhanced by its backdrop and setting. Naturally, fans wonder where it is that the filming of the movie took place. If you also want to find out the filming locations of Netflix’s ‘Hard Feelings’, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Hard Feelings Filming Locations

The movie was shot in Germany and Spain. The film has been in production for a while, with the principal photography beginning somewhere late last year and earlier this year. The filming was concluded within a few weeks. Let’s dive into the particular filming locations of the movie.

Balearic Islands, Spain

Exploring the emerging feelings and uncomfortable changes of teenage, ‘Hard Feelings’ showcases the characters dealing with unprecedented changes. One of the main locations in the movie was shot in the Balearic Islands, which happens to be the 7th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

In one of the scenes, Paula has a flashback where she sees herself at the Cala Llombards beach, which is located southeast of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. The scene does not just encapsulate the beauty of the islands but also showcases a pivotal moment for Paula.

Other Locations in Germany

Along with Netflix, ‘Hard Feelings’ was produced with Rat Pack Filmproduktion, a production company headquartered in Munich, Germany. The production house is known to produce works like ‘The Forest for the Trees’, ‘Colonia’, and ‘The Wave.’

Naturally, a number of locations were supposedly used across Germany to highlight the strife and the internal dialogues of the characters. There have been a number of interior sequences showcasing Charly’s family and house. Additionally, other interior sequences could have purportedly been shot in studios, such as the scenes showcasing Charly’s house, room and the inside of the high school.

Furthermore, a number of outside shots have also been included in the film to give the movie its character. The scenes on the road and the external premises of the school could have also been supposedly shot around Germany. Other scenes shot outside include the beach sequence, and Paula’s run is also seemingly shot around the city.

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