Where Was Netflix’s Overhaul Filmed?

With Tomas Portella filling the director’s chair, Netflix’s ‘Overhaul’ is a Brazilian action crime movie that stars Thiago Martins as Roger, a well-established truck racer who has a steady income as well as life, thanks to his racing career. However, when he loses everything he holds dear, he receives a hard-to-decline offer of working as a getaway driver for a cargo theft gang in order to keep his team intact. When the truck-driving racer starts to serve the gang, he realizes that it is almost impossible to get out of the criminal world.

Other than Martins, the cast of the crime drama film also consists of compelling onscreen performances from Sheron Menezzes, Raphael Logam, Milhem Cortaz, Evandro Mesquita, and Paulinho Vilhena. Whether it is the aerial and immersive shots of the racetracks while Roger is busy racing with other truck racers or the backdrop of the congested houses while Roger talks with the gang, the viewers are left scratching their heads wondering where ‘Overhaul’ was shot. If you are one such curious soul, here are all the details that you might require about the same!

Overhaul Filming Locations

‘Overhaul’ was filmed in its entirety in Brazil, especially São Paulo and Curitiba. The principal photography for the crime drama film reportedly commenced in October 2021 and continued for the following few months, before seemingly wrapping up in December of the same year. So, without wasting any time, let’s traverse through all the specific locations where Roger navigates several challenges in his life in the Netflix production!

São Paulo, Brazil

The shooting for ‘Overhaul’ kicked off in São Paulo, the capital of the eponymous state of Brazil, with the filming unit setting up camp in different districts and regions across the city. For instance, the district of Brasilândia served as one of the primary production locations. In particular, the neighborhood of Jardim Elisa Maria along with its narrow and winding streets features in several sequences of the action movie.

As far as the racetrack scenes are concerned, they were recorded on location in the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, popularly known as Autódromo de Interlagos or simply, Interlagos. Situated at Avenida Senador Teotônio Vilela, 261 – Interlagos in São Paulo, Interlagos is a motorsport circuit that was inaugurated on May 12, 1940. The cast and crew set up camp in the circuit for quite a while in order to shoot the truck racing scenes involving the protagonist.

Curitiba, Brazil

For the purpose of filming, the production team also traveled to the city of Curitiba, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná. The cast and crew members of ‘Overhaul’ were spotted in various parts of the city, lensing key portions against suitable backdrops. Thus, you are highly likely to spot some local attractions and landmarks in the backdrop of a few scenes, such as Tanguá Park, Barigui Park, the Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Paço da Liberdade, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Museu de Arte Sacra, and Museu de Arte Contemporânea.

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