Where Was Netflix’s The Father Who Moves Mountains Filmed?

Written and directed by Daniel Sandu,’ ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ or ‘Tata muta muntii’ is a Romanian action-drama film about a former intelligence officer named Mircea (Adrian Titieni), who launches a desperate search to find his missing son in the unforgiving mountains of central Romania. Estranged from his former wife Paula (Elena Purea) and their son Cosmin, Mircea has begun a new life with Alina. But when he learns that Cosmin and his girlfriend have disappeared in the mountains in winter, he immediately goes to the scene. After witnessing the failure of conventional methods, he asks his erstwhile colleagues to help him find his son.

Every shot in ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ evokes a combination of dread and awe. Sandu’s script and Cinematographer Tudor Vladimir Panduru’s camera perfectly capture the beauty and danger of a mountainous region. If you are wondering where ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ was filmed to achieve such an effect, we got you covered.

The Father Who Moves Mountains Filming Locations

The production crew of ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ primarily shot the film in and around the Bucegi Mountains in central Romania for three winters as they needed to film scenes involving blizzards and avalanches. Let’s look at specific locations in detail.

Bucegi Mountains, Romania

Filming for ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ predominantly took place on the Bucegi Mountains. The cast and crew shared numerous photos from the Bucegi Mountains on their respective social media during and after production. A section of the Southern Carpathians group of the Carpathian Mountains, the Bucegi Mountains is a popular tourist destination in Romania.

On the eastern side, resort towns like Bușteni and Sinaia are situated in the Prahova Valley, from where tourists can enjoy a stunning view of the mountains. The Bucegi Natural Park is located at a considerably high altitude and is one of the protected areas in Romania. The park is the home of diverse flora and fauna. The famous Babele area and the Sphinx rock formation are also located in the Bucegi Natural Park. Some of the other projects also filmed in the Bucegi Mountains are ‘The Crown of Fire’ and ‘Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians.’

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