Where Was Netflix’s Two Filmed?

‘Two’ is a Spanish horror film that revolves around the twisted case of two strangers who wake up to find themselves stitched together. As the bizarre situation unfolds the two try and glean clues from their surroundings, and eventually discover the perpetrator behind their suffering. It is exceedingly tense and shot at close quarters, with the characters rarely leaving the room where they are trapped for most of the run time. The intricate interiors and the completely unexpected outdoor scenes of the movie got us curious about where ‘Two’ was filmed. So, we decided to dig in, and here’s what we found!

Two Filming Locations

‘Two’ (original title: ‘Dos’) was filmed in Spain, almost entirely in one location. Principal photography reportedly began in July 2020. The film is one of the first that was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the stripped-down narrative and cast requirements, it was possible to film with very few actors and crew members. Regular testing and strict safety measures were also enforced, and the shoot lasted for about 3 weeks. Now, let’s take a look at the specific location that was used for filming.

Barcelona, Spain

‘Two’ was produced by Barcelona-based production house Rodar y Rodar and was seemingly filmed almost entirely on a set. An elaborate replica of the room in which David and Sara are imprisoned was built, allowing the film crew to shoot from a variety of angles. During the few weeks that the actors spent shooting, they had to remain isolated and minimize contact with people.

The two lead cast members also spent many hours attached to each other with a prosthesis. To depict being stitched together, a contraption with hooks and magnetics was seemingly used to hold the actors together. Marina Gatell, who essays Sara, also mentioned how she found it strange filming scenes with everyone else wearing masks because she couldn’t see their reactions.

The film’s closing scenes are set amidst the snowy countryside of an unnamed town, with hills visible in the background. Considering how limited traveling options were at the time (due to the pandemic), the snow scenes were likely brought to life using CGI. This would have also made filming the scantily clad scenes easier on the actors.

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