Netflix’s Two Ending, Explained

‘Two’ (original title: ‘Dos’) is a Spanish horror film that revolves around a twisted plot. Two strangers wake up in an unknown room and realize, to their horror, that they are attached to each other. As they struggle to make sense of their bizarre state, the perpetrator behind the gruesome crime slowly becomes apparent.

Director Mar Targarona’s tense horror-thriller leaves audiences as mystified as the protagonists for most of the run-time and makes some truly twisted reveals near the end. If you were left wondering about the fates of David and Sara and the motives behind their bizarre ordeal, we’ve got you covered. Here is the ending of ‘Two,’ explained. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Two Plot Synopsis

The film opens in an ornate bedroom where David and Sara wake up in bed, embracing. As they regain consciousness, it becomes clear that something is wrong, and it is soon revealed that the two are strangers. However, they remain lying close to each other, unable to “tear” away and realize they are stuck together. Sara begins to panic and pulls away, which causes them both to wince with pain. On further investigation, during which both of them gingerly reach down and feel their abdomens, they realize that they have been stitched together.

A phone in the room attracts their attention, and the two painfully get off the bed and walk towards it. Though the phone is dead, they do discover a camera embedded in one of the walls. Sara remains suspicious of David, thinking he has planned the situation all along. However, she slowly realizes that her jealous husband, Mario, might be behind the sadistic plot. David also confirms that a man matching Mario’s description offered him a large sum of money to sleep with his wife. As they continue searching the room, they come across a picture of a young girl named Rita on one of the bedside tables.

Through digging up each other’s pasts, it is revealed that David is a male escort, and Sara is married but cheating on her husband. As the two victims get close and finally kiss, the lights in the room suddenly go out. Sara then figures out that their captor does not like the sight of them kissing and continues to lock lips with David. As they get more passionate, an elderly stranger in disguise walks into the room and orders them to stop.

Two Ending: Are David and Sara Dead? Why are David and Sara Stitched Together?

Sara exclaims that the stranger is disguised as her husband, and David confirms that he is the same man that paid him the money. They overpower their captor and escape the bedroom, eventually reaching a strange laboratory. On the wall, they notice newspaper clippings about the birth of a pair of male-female conjoined twins and slowly begin to realize that the news story refers to them. In a fit of desperation, they finally find a sharp knife and begin to cut the stitches connecting their abdomens together.

Eventually, Sara is able to get free while David remains on the floor, bleeding from an injury he gets from their captor. Upon reaching outside, however, Sara realizes that they are in a remote, snow-covered area with no sign of help. The film then closes on David bleeding to death inside the building while Sara succumbs to the cold and her injuries outdoors.

Thus, the movie ends with David and Sara’s dying moments, and the two central characters are almost certainly dead. This is also foreshadowed by what the stranger that captures them says. In his dying moments, he says that the two shouldn’t be separate, as they are stronger together.

It is ironic that the excruciating stitches that hold David and Sara together are also what keep them alive for so long. This is more of a metaphorical connection than a logical one, as we see that soon after the two sever their physical bond (the stitches), they die. Since David and Sara are revealed to be the conjoined twins from the news articles, the film hints at how they were stronger when they were “together.”

In fact, the whole reason for putting them through the ordeal turns out to be a twisted idea by the stranger, who claims to be their father. After learning about the cosmic significance of the number two, which Sara briefly explains to David by describing how many universal aspects depend on the concept of duality, the stranger becomes obsessed with reuniting the twins. In his twisted mind, the stranger thinks that David and Sara should once again be conjoined, and he, therefore, abducts them separately and performs a grisly surgery, stitching them together.

Who is Rita? Who Kidnaps David and Sara?

Rita is the young woman whose picture is discovered in the bedside table. Sara also finds herself wearing the earrings that Rita is seen wearing in the picture and takes them off in disgust. In the film’s twisted ending, it is revealed that Rita is David and Sara’s mother, who died while giving birth to them. Though Sara claims that her father died, it is possible that she is referring to her adoptive parents.

Thus the stranger who claims to be Rita’s husband, and therefore, their father, might just be telling the truth. This would also explain why he is so keen to “reconnect” his offspring. Ultimately, from what we know, it appears that David and Sara were tracked down and kidnapped by their father, who is living under the delusion that his formerly conjoined twins need to be rejoined. The fact that he has a gruesome collection of animals that he has similarly joined by stitching them together also tells us that the elderly man has been planning the experiment for a long time.

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