Netflix’s Weathering: All Shooting Locations of the Movie

Netflix’s ‘Weathering’ is a riveting psychological thriller movie that revolves around a journalist who loses her baby and almost her own life during labor. She mourns the death of her child, alone in her home, when she goes through something uncanny. The grieving mother suddenly experiences nightmarish visions and faces a sinister entity. Director Megalyn Echikunwoke highlights the struggles, anxiety, and trauma of childbirth and losing a child. To do so, she uses dark, eerie, and suspenseful backdrops which further add to the narrative. So, if you are fascinated by the movie’s visuals and want to learn more about the shooting locations, we’ve got you covered.

Weathering: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Weathering’ was filmed in California, seemingly in and around Los Angeles. The Golden State has an excellent and diverse topography, where filmmakers can capture various scenes. Besides, the weather is often sunny, with only a few cloudy days, so it is a great place to utilize consistent natural light for stunning visuals. Now, without further ado, let’s look at the exact locations that appear in the Netflix movie!

Los Angeles, California

Most of the pivotal portions of ‘Weathering’ were reportedly lensed in Los Angeles, the second-most populous city in the US and the largest one in California. The cast and crew likely taped scenes against different backdrops in the city and even utilized a film studio to record interior shots. In Los Angeles, filmmakers have access to high-end studios like Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros. There is an abundance of state-of-art facilities, post-production services, rental houses, special effect companies, and top-notch equipment.

Finding an experienced crew is also relatively easy in the city — from set designers and camera operators to graffers, everyone is uniquely talented and has some of the best projects under their belt. Creatives in the industry support each other and have built a film-friendly culture where networking with other talents becomes possible. Moreover, the city’s infrastructure is well-made, enabling crew members to transport and carry their equipment from one site to another.

A few must-visit places in Los Angeles are Santa Monica Pier, Getty Center, The Broad, and Sunset Strip. Furthermore, Griffith Park, Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Downton Los Angeles are the most sought filming locations in the vibrant city. The City of Angels has hosted the production of several other movies, including ‘Bullet Train‘ and ‘The Night Agent.’

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