Where Did the Shooting of ‘October Faction’ Take Place?

‘October Faction’ is created by Damian Kindler, best known for Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’. It is a sci-fi horror based on the eponymous comic series by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. ‘October Faction’ follows the monster hunters, Fred and Deloris Allen, as they return to their hometown with their teenage twins, following the death of Fred’s father. As they try to adjust and hide their identities, they discover that things may be a lot darker than they seem back home.

Netflix definitely knows how to build its eerie, mysterious small towns that have the power to transport us to fictional towns and large mansions, from Greendale to Thornhill. Given the spooky setting of ‘October Faction’, we are sure that the series has plenty to offer aesthetically. Especially because it borrows from the graphic novel it is based on. Allens have their roots in a small town in upstate New York. But where was ‘October Faction’ filmed? Here’s everything we know.

October Faction Filming Locations

The filming for the first season of ‘October Faction’ took place on location in Ontario, Canada, during the fall of 2018 from September to December. The locations particularly included several parts of Cambridge and Hamilton.

Canada has increasingly become one of the top filming locations for Netflix in the past years. In fact, last year, Netflix established its own production hub in Toronto at Cinespace with around 250,000 square feet of studio and office space. Interestingly, Canada is also Netflix’s prime location when it comes to the filming of majority of its graphic novel adaptations. ‘Death Note‘, ‘V-Wars’, ‘Riverdale‘, ‘The Umbrella Academy’, and ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ are all filmed here.

Cambridge, Ontario

The filming of ‘October Faction’ took place in Cambridge, Ontario in September. Several locations all over the city were chosen for the shoot. One of the key location included the Mount View Cemetery, which is where Fred’s father’s funeral takes place. The cemetery is located in 80 Blenheim Road, west of Downtown Cambridge. It is a historical landmark in Cambridge as it was established in 1867. The team of ‘October Faction’ was spotted filming here around the second week of September.

The team also filmed around other areas of Blenheim and Blair roads. This was also followed in December 2018, as the team resumed filming in Downtown Cambridge, especially around Shade Street and Glamis Road. Filming particularly took place in the areas surrounding 98 Shade Street and Ainslie Street. The production made use of parking spaces in Galt Arena Gardens, Soper Park and Market Lot. The team also filmed at Lions’ Club in 50 Ainslie Street North.


Hamilton, Ontario

Apart from Cambridge, the team of ‘October Faction’ also filmed on location in different parts of Hamilton, Ontario. Though some of these locations haven’t yet been revealed, The James Street Bookseller in Hamilton that the bookshop was used as a filming location. It is one of the few independent bookstores in Hamilton and is widely appreciated for its vintage decor and exposed brick walls.

‘October Faction’ can be considered a darker combination of ‘The Addam’s Family’ and ‘Men In Black’. There are plenty of dark family secrets waiting to be revealed, along with a bunch of monsters ready to slaughtered. For this, the team successfully transforms these locations from Ontario into the spooky small-town in upstate New York.