One Ranger: Exploring Shooting Locations of the Action Film

‘One Ranger’ is an action thriller film that revolves around Alex (Thomas Jane), a Texas Ranger who goes to England in pursuit of an IRA terrorist (Dean Jagger). Once in England, the Ranger is aided by a British Intelligence agent (Dominique Tipper) and her boss (John Malkovich) in his hunt. But even with the British Intelligence service at his disposal, will Alex be able to catch the terrorist in time?

Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, the action film takes place in several stunning locations across both the US and the UK. Thus, it is only natural to be curious about the actual filming locations.

One Ranger: Where Was it Filmed?

‘One Ranger’ was filmed on location in England, specifically in the town of Ipswich in Suffolk County. An unknown desert location was also used in the US to capture the initial scenes that we see in the film. The desert location acted as a stand-in for the state of Texas. During the early phase of production, the film was titled ‘One Riot, One Ranger,’ but the team ultimately settled on ‘One Ranger.’

Cinematographer Simon Rowling used two separate camera units to capture ‘One Ranger.’ All the dialogues and larger moments in the fight scenes were reportedly filmed by the main unit. The second unit came in afterward and took care of the closeups and cutaway shots. Principal photography began sometime in February 2022 and wrapped up in a few months. Now, let’s go through the exact locations and check out the shooting sites of the film!

Ipswich, England

Ipswich is a town located along the Orwell River in Suffolk County in the eastern part of England. Known for its waterfront lined with cafes and gift shops, the town has a rich Maritime history. Ipswich is often used by production companies to substitute London while filming, as was done in the case of ‘One Ranger’ as well. This is likely due to the fact that the town has both urban and rural locations, perfect for capturing almost every genre of storytelling.

Various buildings within the town, such as the Ipswich Town Football Club, Shamrock Pub, and the Burton Warehouse, were used to film the interior shots in the film. Burton Warehouse, which has stood empty for decades, was likely used to capture the firefight sequence that can be seen in the film’s trailer. To maintain the dynamic nature and fluidity of the fight scenes, cinematographer Simon Rowling combined multiple shots into a single sequence. This helped with the transitions between the scenes and covered a large area as well, without having to constantly pan the camera from one point to another.

Another location within the city that the crew used to lens many of the interior sequences in ‘One Ranger’ is the Endeavour House, a municipal building that is used by the Suffolk City Council as their meeting place. The crew reportedly taped over several weekends inside the building. Aside from this, Russell Road — on which the Endeavour House stands — is where a few of the exterior sequences were filmed. The Ipswich Waterfront was used for some of the exterior shots as well.

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