Where Was Operation Christmas Drop Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ follows the heartwarming romance between a by-the-books congressional aide and a charming US Air Force officer with a heart of gold as he tries to make her see why shutting down his humanitarian airlift project would be a bad idea. Congressional aide Erica Miller cancels Christmas celebrations with her family to fly out to an island Air Force facility. At the bidding of her boss, Erica has to observe and write a report on why the government should recede funding for an operation that airdrops supplies to several remote islands where reaching by way of water is not easy.

Once at the Air Force base, Erica meets a handsome officer Captain Andrew Jantz, who asks her to give him one day to show her what Operation Christmas Drop is all about and how it should not be shut down! Based on an actual Airforce operation, the spirit of Christmas, humanity, and kindness are the main themes the film touches upon. It is directed by Martin Wood and stars Kat Graham, Alexander Ludwig, and Virginia Madsen in pivotal roles. Curious to know where the movie was filmed? Here is all the information you need.

Operation Christmas Drop Filming Locations

‘Operation Christmas Drop’ was filmed entirely on location in Guam, in the American territory. Here are more details about the exact filming location.

Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

The Andersen Air Force Base is an actual US Air Force Base in Guam where recruits are trained. Operation Christmas Drop is also a very real US Department of Defense mission that airdrops packages of supplies and donations to the island populations of Micronesia, which are not easily accessible by boat.

The local communities of Guam and Andersen come together each year to pack large boxes of donated food, tools, medicine, clothing, and toys for the operation that’s been running for almost 70 years. The majority of the film was shot at Andersen, even the scenes set in the island jungle and on the beach. The production team used areas in and around the service members’ homes and businesses as locations to film.

The facility’s beachside bar, Bamboo Willies, also served as one of the sites. The movie’s cast and crew actually took the time to help with the packing of supplies for 2019’s airdrop mission. Spouses and family members of Air Force and Navy officers, along with a few locals, were employed as set decorators and production assistants to lend the movie an authentic air. ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ is the first Hollywood film to have been filmed in Guam.

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