Where Was Our Idiot Brother Filmed?

Directed by Jesse Peretz, ‘Our Idiot Brother’ follows Ned (Paul Rudd), a witless but well-meaning man who ends up in prison for selling marijuana to a police officer. Upon returning from jail, Ned finds out that his girlfriend now has another boyfriend, and she won’t let him work at the farm, which she claims is her own. With nowhere else to go, Ned eventually starts living with his three sisters – Miranda, Natalie, and Liz. However, his lack of common sense and honest nature opens a can of worms for them.

As they live together, Ned’s sisters finally realize that his honesty and willingness to trust other people can be a force for good in the world. ‘Our Idiot Brother’ is an uplifting story of a clueless and kind young man that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Since it captures the life of an organic farmer who ends up living with his city-dwelling sisters, the majority of the filming is restricted to towns. If you are curious to know where the movie was filmed, you don’t need to worry as we have got you covered.

Our Idiot Brother Filming Locations

‘Our Idiot Brother’ was filmed in the northeastern state of New York. It is famous for Niagara Falls, Central Park, Times Square, and Grand Central Terminal, which are four of the most-visited tourist locations in the world. With over 200 colleges and universities, New York is also a center for academic excellence in the United States. When it comes to filmmaking, the state offers one of the highest annual tax incentives and liberal tax rebates, which makes it a sought-after filming location.

Therefore, it is not surprising that movies like ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘​The Godfather Part II’, ‘The Irishman’, ‘John Wick’, and many others have been filmed there. Enthusiastic about knowing the exact filming locations, we dug a little deeper and found out where exactly ‘Our Idiot Brother’ was filmed. Here’s everything you need to know.

New York

‘Our Idiot Brother’ was filmed extensively in New York City. With a generous tax credit of 30% from the State Governor’s office, the filming started in July 2010. The movie was filmed in several locations around the megalopolis, including Brooklyn, where Liz’s (Emily Mortimer) house in the film was located. Miranda’s (Elizabeth Banks) house and workplace scenes were filmed in Manhattan, which is one of the cultural, commercial, and financial centers of the world.

The scene in which Ned is sitting with his dog was shot at a nine-acre waterfront park, which is located at 26 New Dock Street between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. In Williamsburg, Pete’s Candy Store was another important filming location. Other NYC locations where ‘Our Idiot Brother’ was filmed include Washington Heights, Hotel Chelsea, Kaufman Astoria Studios, and Astoria (Queens).

Other Filming Locations in New York

On the Main Street of the Cold Spring village in New York State, the actors were spotted shooting several scenes. Moreover, the movie was also filmed in the town of Ossining, located in Westchester County along the Hudson River. The crew filmed there for one day before production moved to New York City, where the majority of the movie was shot. Other filming locations in New York State are Upstate New York and the Hamptons, which is a part of the East End of Long Island.

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