Where was Outer Banks Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ is a teen drama that focuses on a treasure hunt. The show follows the story of some teenagers who discover that their town holds the answer to a centuries-old mystery. After a hurricane leaves their town in shambles, they go out into the water and chance upon a boat that had seen better days. On some investigation, they find a clue that opens up another box of mysteries.

John B’s father had disappeared in the sea nine months ago. His faith in his father’s return was treated as a delusion by everyone, even his friends. However, when he finds his father’s compass in the wrecked boat, he is proven right. It turns out that his father has left a message for him, and decoding it is what leads John B and his friends on a hunt for the treasure that had disappeared in the 1800s.

The island town becomes the playground for the teenagers, who delve into the history of the place to connect the dots with the present. The island acts like a chessboard, with a lot of pieces vying for the prize. Because they have grown up in the Outer Banks, it becomes easier for them to put two and two together.

In telling a story that requires so much involvement in the setting, it is essential to pin down a perfect location for filming. Here are all the locations where ‘Outer Banks’ was filmed.

Where is Outer Banks Filmed?

The name Outer Banks comes from a real place. The barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina are known for their beaches and shipwreck diving sites. Creator Josh Pate, who is also a North Carolina native, based the story in this setting, and his heart was set on filming the show in the same location. Wilmington was the original choice to film the series in, perfect for the story that had been written around it.

It would have happened, had it not been for HB-142. The anti-LGBTQ bill did not sit well with Netflix, as it hasn’t with other production companies as well. So, the streaming service decided to turn its attention to another viable site, the one that would allow them the same unfettered access to beautiful beaches and lighthouses. In the end, they found a place in South Carolina that would stand in very well for the Outer Banks. The primary filming location of the show is Charleston.

Charleston, South Carolina

While the story is set in a fictional place in South Carolina, the filming for most of the scenes took place in Charleston. The crew got the local businesses involved, and a lot of them received a makeover to turn into the sites for Outer Banks.

The crew was spotted filming a few blocks from Fuel in downtown Charleston. Netflix had also placed a casting call while filming scenes in The Ben Silver Collection on King Street and Gaillard Center. In Lowcountry, places like Shem Creek and McClellanville also feature in a number of scenes. The Old Village in Mount Pleasant is also one of the key locations in the show.

The search for the treasure kicks in full gear after John B finds the message from his father. He is directed to “Redfield,” which leads him to the lighthouse. The filming of these scenes took place in the Hunting Island Lighthouse. Some parts of James Island, John’s Island, and Kiawah Island were also used for filming various scenes. Charleston Harbor also appears in multiple episodes. To shoot beach scenes, the crew also turned towards Barrier Islands in Beaufort and Hunting Island.


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