Prospect: All Filming Locations of the Movie Explored

‘Prospect’ is a no-frills science fiction thriller that follows Cee, a teenage girl, and her father, Damon, as they go on a mission to dig out precious gems on a poisonous moon. When their space pod malfunctions and lands them miles away from the site, they continue their journey on foot. But then, they meet Ezra and his companion, and an altercation ensues. Following this, the story explores the dynamic between Cee and Ezra and whether she will be able to trust him for the sake of the mission. If you’re curious about where this movie was filmed, we have got your back!

Prospect: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Prospect’ was filmed in the state of Washington. A Reddit post (an AMA) revealed that the shooting took place over 40 days. Moreover, the team spent seven months building the set in their shop. One of the directors, Chris Caldwell, also joked that the huge set made him feel as though he should have been the Personal Assistant instead. Here are the specific filming details!


Considering that dense jungles comprise the green moon’s surface, it made sense that filmmakers went to Washington’s Olympic National Park to shoot. Zeek Earl, the other half of the directing duo, said that Chris and he used to backpack in the Hoh Forest during their college days. Plus, they felt that it would be an excellent setting for an alien world. They shot on a private land trust that was managed by the Nature Conservancy. Earl stated, “A few times, Fish and Wildlife officials would wander in and see a bunch of people in space helmets and get really confused.” 

The production team also used a warehouse in Fremont that previously made ships. Caldwell said, “We hired a lot of people who’d never worked on a movie before industrial designers, carpenters, mechanics, cosplayers. They were working with us as the script was being written, and by the time we got the green light, we had this kind of art collective under one roof.” It was situated between a bookstore and a marijuana dispensary. Moreover, it doubled as a film studio and gave them a place to edit as well.

The city of Shoreline was also used for filming, according to an Instagram post. In the climax, we finally meet the group of mercenaries that have hired Damon. Their base camp and the climactic fight scenes seem to have been filmed here. Another city that makes an appearance as a filming venue on social media was Forks, which lies to the east of the Hoh Rainforest.

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