Netflix’s Puerta 7: Exploring All Filming Locations of the Show

Netflix’s ‘Puerta 7’ takes us deep into the world of football, specifically Argentine football. The series is extremely political in nature, without shining a light on Argentine politics directly. It tells us about the fan culture surrounding the clubs in Argentina. In case you are unfamiliar with soccer or football culture, there are several intense fan bases all over the world, often termed as ‘ultras’.

In Latin America, they are known as barras bravas, and they provide fanatical support to their clubs, causing altercations with rivals, and oftentimes, law enforcement. ‘Puerta 7’ tells us the story of a woman who is determined to rid the fan base of a club of its criminal elements.

Puerta 7: Where Was it Filmed?

Situated at the nexus of sports (football), politics, and organized crime, ‘Puerta 7’ is a visceral series that almost serves as a documentation of Argentine culture. Since it goes so deep into the Argentine society, you might be wondering about where was ‘Puerta 7’ filmed. We have got you covered in that regard.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘Puerta 7’ is a detailed look at the Argentine football fans and their culture. Therefore, to maintain the authenticity of the show, it has been filmed in different parts of Buenos Aires. The show has been described as a kind of a ‘Western’ since we have an outsider, who arrives, determined to clean out the crime and corruption in the barras bravas.

The various locations in Buenos Aires see the action played out, be it among the fans, or the numerous shadowy elements who pull the strings of football fan culture in Argentina. That being said, ‘Puertz 7’ is a Netflix production, so we are sure that the project has had access to the studio system in order to film some of the indoor scenes.

At its core, ‘Puerta 7’ focuses on football, therefore, it would be remiss not to film inside a football stadium itself. The series has been filmed inside the CA Huracan stadium. Club Atletico Huracan is from the Parque Patricios neighborhood in Buenos Aires, and their stadium is named Estadio Tomás Adolfo Ducó. Notably, this is not the first time the stadium will be seen on screen. It has also appeared in the film ‘The Secret in Their Eyes’.

The stadium has had a long and illustrious history since it was inaugurated officially on November 10, 1949, when CA Huaracan faced Penarol, an Uruguayan side. However, it was in September 1967, that it was named “Tomás Adolfo Ducó”, to honor the club’s former player and most notable president, who was also a major force behind the construction of the new stadium. You can check out a tweet below, talking about the filming taking place at CA Huracan’s home ground.

While we cannot be certain how much of ‘Puerta 7’ has been filmed inside the CA Huracan stadium, there is a good chance that the series might have used the location to stand in as the stadium of the club which is at the center of the story. A lot of action plays out within the stadium itself, which is what makes ‘Puerta 7’ an apt title.

It translates to Gate 7, which basically allows the locals access to the stadium. This is the entrance used by the barras bravas. Therefore, in ‘Puerta 7’, we see how various locations across Buenos Aires has been used smartly, while the CA Huracan’s stadium sees some major scenes unfolding.

Making smart use of these locations, allows the series to weave a tale that taps into the fanaticism of Argentine club football while pushing the corruption and crime in the fan bases into the limelight. ‘Puerta 7’ becomes yet another Netflix show, where the locations serve as the canvas where the narration is painted for us to behold.

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