Where Was Reality Z Filmed?

There is a growing trend in apocalypticism lately, especially in the world of television. Among all the new TV shows that depict post-apocalyptic worlds, the ones that harp on our undying intrigue for the undead usually gain a lot of popularity. Netflix’s upcoming Brazilian series  ‘Reality Z’ treads a similar path, but brings a unique twist to the whole zombie-survival sub-genre.

‘Reality Z’ centers around the contestants of a Big Brother-esque reality show who go about their daily lives while the world outside burns with an ongoing zombie apocalypse. But when shit hits the fan and the news of the outside world reaches the contestants, they turn out to be the last hope of humanity. But do they have what it takes to survive the vast zombie populations of the world outside? Well, to find that out, you’ll have to watch the series.

For now, what we can tell you is that pretty much like most other zombie apocalypse shows and movies, ‘Reality Z’ also walks you through dystopian lands of a war-torn world where zombies leave trails of blood behind them.  This itself is enough to evoke a sense of intrigue in some viewers regarding the show’s filming locations. So here’s our guide to all the locations where ‘Reality Z’ was filmed.

Reality Z Filming Locations

Joining Netflix’s slate of Brazilian originals, ‘Reality Z’ is a zombie show that combines horror, humor, and pop culture. As reported by Deadline, its principal photography commenced around April 2019. The show is Netflix’s first collaboration with Conspiração, a film production company based in Brazil. Although nothing much about the filming locations of the series has been revealed, our best guess is that it was predominantly filmed in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Betim, since these are the locations where the production and post-production units of the Conspiração are located.


The Brazilain series is a direct adaptation of Charlie Brooker’s British zombie series titled ‘Dead Set’ and has been directed by Cláudio Torres and Rodrigo Monte. Ted Sarandos, who is the chief content officer at Netflix, commented on Cláudio Torres’ involvement with Netflix by saying that “The combination of Cláudio Torres’ creative vision, our partnership with Conspiração and the talent involved in this project will make this adaptation of Charlie Brooker’s hilarious series Dead Set a truly special event for horror fans around the world.”

Charlie Brooker, the creator of the original who was involved with Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror‘, also shared his opinion on the series by saying: “It’s incredible to see the ways in which Torres has reimagined this series, setting it in a city as iconic as Rio and tapping into Brazilian pop culture in such a sharp way”

Here’s a picture from the sets of the movie, which has been geo-tagged as São Paulo, Brazil:

Here are two more pictures uploaded by Hanna Romanazzi, who is one of the leading stars of the series:

Here are two more stills from the sets of the movie uploaded by Raquell Lomba, who is among the primary cast members of the series:

In the images below, you’ll find a few more stills from the sets of the series along with snaps of an interview where showrunner Cláudio Torres talks all about its production:

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