Where Was Runaway Bride Filmed?

9 years after their box office smash hit ‘Pretty Woman’ came out, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts teamed up again for the 1999 rom-com ‘Runaway Bride’. ‘Runaway Bride’ revolves around Maggie Carpenter, a woman who has the unfortunate habit of abandoning grooms at the altar and has left a trail of broken hearts in her wake. New York City reporter Homer Eisenhower “Ike” Graham writes a scathing article on Maggie, which costs him his job because it is factually incorrect. No surprises there, since the information comes from a biased source (one of Maggie’s former fiances).

To mend his reputation, Ike travels to Maggie’s hometown to write an in-depth article about her. Maggie is engaged for the fourth time and Ike is certain she will run away again before the nuptials. Only this time, Ike finds himself wishing that Maggie leaves her groom-to-be again because he has fallen for her. Curious to know where the movie ‘Runaway Bride’ was filmed? Here’s what you should know.

Runaway Bride Filming Locations

‘Runaway Bride’ was almost entirely filmed on location in Maryland, with the exception of a few scenes that were filmed in New York City. Here are all the details about specific locations where the majority of the filming took place.

Berlin, Maryland

‘Runaway Bride’ put the small town of Berlin, in Worcester County, Maryland, on the map when the production team transformed it to stand in as Hale, Maggie’s fictitious hometown. Main street, as well as the Atlantic Hotel (situated at 2 S Main St.), were used as major filming locations.

The Berlin Hardware Store at 106 N Main St., Berlin, was transformed into Hale Hardware (where Maggie is employed) for the movie. A gift shop called Victorian Charm (housed at 100 N Main St.) was used as a bridal store for some scenes. The iconic horse scene was filmed at a horse boarding farm on Libertytown Road, while Maggie’s home was a house on Baker Street.

New York City, New York

While a few scenes were shot in Baltimore (posing as New York), most of the filming for the scenes set in New York was done in the Big Apple itself. Filming was done mainly in Manhattan, on Thompson Street, outside the Subway at Spring Street and 6th Avenue, in Central Park, and at the apartments at 275 West Central Park and West 88th Street.

New Windsor, Maryland

One of the multiple prominent church scenes in the film was shot at St. Paul United Methodist Church in New Windsor.

Glen Arm, Maryland

Another church scene was filmed at Waugh United Methodist Church, which is situated at 11453 Long Green Pike, Glen Arm.

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