Where Was ‘Sinister Savior’ Filmed?

Lifetime’s annual run of thriller films, ‘Annual Deadly Resolutions’, is simply a goldmine for lovers of the genre. These movies are not made on huge budgets, and the scale is not that big for any of them as well. However, these films have immensely talented people working on them who elevate the material far above its limitations and provide the audiences with engaging content full of suspense, drama, and brilliant performances. The film ‘Sinister Savior’ also traverses a similar path.

The story of this film centers around Karen, a doctor who works in the emergency room at a local hospital. Since the cases which come to the ER department are varied and need the quickest possible action, Karen often gets home quite late from work. On one such day, after she completes her shift and is walking home, Karen is attacked by a sinister-looking man with evil intentions.

While the attacker is about to pounce upon Karen, a man arrives out of nowhere and rescues her from the ordeal. Wishing to tend to his wounds, Karen invites her savior, Daniel, home. After spending a few suspicious hours in her house with Daniel, Karen slowly begins to realize that Daniel may not be a selfless savior after all. As her life gets threatened, Karen realizes that Daniel might have a connection with her own past.

Movies which we get to see on networks like Lifetime, Hallmark, and others are not that well-financed and need to be made on whatever resources available. It is naturally not possible to film them in various parts of the world. Production for such films are usually carried out in interior locations where the cost is much less and the weather also never becomes a hindrance. Los Angeles or certain parts of Canada generally serve as the go-to filming destinations for TV movies like ‘Sinister Savior’.

Sinister Savior Cast:

The central character of the film, Karen, is portrayed by Marci Miller who first came into public attention after her performance in the soap opera ‘Days Of Our Lives’. She has acted in various shorts over the years before bagging a role in the renowned TV series.

Daniel, the character who comes to save Karen when she is attacked on the road, is played by Kelly Blatz. Blatz has played important roles in shows like ‘Aaron Stone’, ‘Glory Days’, and ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘.

After Karen reaches home with Daniel, a woman comes to visit her and gets involved in the dangers that unfold as the night progresses. This character is portrayed by the veteran actress Rosa Blasi, whom we can see in shows like ‘Hitz’, ‘Strong Medicine’, ‘Make It Or Break It’, and others.

Besides these three leads, the supporting characters are donned by the likes of Marcus LaVoi, Lew Temple, and others.

Sinister Savior Filming Locations:

Los Angeles, California

Unfortunately, neither the cast and crew nor the producers of ‘Sinister Savior’ of the film have revealed anything about the filming locations of the movie. However, considering the fact that most of the film takes place within the confines of Karen’s home, we can presume that it has been filmed in and around Los Angeles. Besides this, most members of the cast and the production company behind this film, MarVista Entertainment, are also based out of LA, thus giving our presumption further weightage.